What to Do When You Need Secure Portable Refrigeration

portable refrigeration options from icecool trailers

Have you seen the viral video depicting the family dog raiding the fridge while its owner is away? The video shows just how creative animals can be when they know there is food to be found. In this case, the yellow Labrador named Allie started her adventure with the rubbish bin, and then moved on to the stainless steel freezer/refrigerator unit. She managed to get both doors and the freezer drawer open with what appeared to be very little effort. As adorable as this video might be, trouble with animals is the last thing you need when dealing with portable refrigeration. If you haven't seen it, here it is!

Imagine renting a refrigerated trailer or a freezer trailer for your next outdoor event. You may need the trailer delivered a day or two before in order to get your prep work done. And what if the event lasts for several days? Without a properly secured trailer, you could be dealing with hungry animals looking to feast on all the food you worked so hard to prepare. What you need is a secure storage environment that will keep animals out.

At Icecool Trailers, secure portable refrigeration is our speciality. Each of our trailers is built to the highest standards of quality using tough and reliable materials. Each trailer also comes with lockable doors to keep intruders out. Your food products and other items will remain safe inside your secure trailer for as long as you need them to be.

Who rents freezer and refrigerator trailers from Icecool Trailers? Many different clients, including:

• catering companies
• restaurant owners
• corporate kitchens
• medical facilities
• educational facilities
• individual residential users.

The beauty of our trailers is that we can deliver and set them up nearly anywhere. All we require is enough space to park and stabilise the trailer so you can safely use it. Each of our units can be run directly from your existing electrical system or from a portable generator if necessary. And don't worry about having to make sure everything is up and running. We take care of all of that for you, along with any maintenance issues that might arise.


Thoughtful, Reliable Service

Icecool Trailers has been providing thoughtful, reliable service to our clients for more than 20 years. From our humble beginnings as a company offering refrigerated trailers and freezers, we have become the portable refrigeration solution provider of choice across southern England and Wales. We offer different sizes of both trailers and walk-in rooms to meet any need and budget. Furthermore, we offer both long and short-term rentals to cover every need, from emergencies to planned events.


We know that your business relies on affordable, secure portable refrigeration. We want to provide it. For more information about how our trailers or walk-in cold rooms can benefit you, just contact Icecool Trailers and speak with one of our refrigeration specialists. We will help you figure out exactly what you need and, when you are ready, arrange for delivery in Oxfordshire, Surrey, Warwickshire, and throughout England and Wales. Our helpful staff are ready to take your call on 01635 250 950


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