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Chiller Hire and Mobile Cold Room Hire from Icecool Trailers

We offer a choice of walk-in chillers, cold (cool) rooms, emergency freezers and mobile refrigeration options.

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Icecool Trailers have been in the portable cold storage business for more than two decades. Over the years, we have seen plenty of situations where cold storage was necessary but refrigerator and freezer trailers were not appropriate. That's why we began offering cold room solutions to our customers. A cold room can be installed just about anywhere, including both outdoor and indoor spaces.

Cold room rental offers you the opportunity for temporary or permanent cold storage at a very reasonable price. Icecool Trailers rent units in two sizes: 1.8m cold rooms and 3.0m cold room for hire/ walk-in chillers. Each of our cold rooms comes with plenty of usable shelf space and enough room to stand up in. Each is lockable and fully lit as well.

Don't have an extra-large door or cargo dock to accept delivery? That's not a problem for Icecool Trailers. Our cold rooms are designed to use independent panels that can be delivered through any normal door. We bring the panels in, assemble the unit wherever you want it, install the shelving, and get it all up and running. For power, we only need a 13-amp or 16-amp system within 20 metres of the assembly site. Our cold rooms can be powered by generators where direct electrical access is not available.

3m cold room for hireAn example of one of our portable cold rooms available for hire from Icecool Trailers

Emergency Chiller and Cold Room Hire

Freezer Rooms For Hire (1.8 M)

Our 1.8M freezer room is the smaller of our two freezer rooms. The cubic capacity of the 1.8M walk-in freezer is approximately 5 cubic metres. Please bear in mind that it is unlikely that you would ever be able to use 100% of the internal space; if in doubt about capacity, customers should also consider our 3.0M freezer room option.

Mobile Cold Rooms For Hire (1.8 M)

Our 1.8m mobile cold room is ideal for the catering trades where extra cold storage is required, or as temporary cold storage during a refrigeration breakdown. It has an approximate internal cubic capacity of 5 cu metres.

Mobile Freezer Rooms For Hire (3 M)

The largest of our freezer rooms, this 3.0M walk-in freezer/ chiller is ideal for the catering trade. Whether it's extra frozen food storage space that you require, or a replacement freezer during a breakdown, this capacious freezer room will certainly get you up and running.

Portable Cold Rooms For Hire (3 M)

A large 3M mobile chiller and cold room. A same day delivery service is possible in London, the Thames Valley, South Wales, Birmingham and parts of the Midlands. We specialise in emergency refrigeration equipment and offer a range of chillers, freezers, cold rooms and fridge trailers to suit most refrigeration needs.

We know that adequate cold storage can really mean the difference in an emergency. For example, consider the restaurant unfortunate enough to experience refrigeration failure on a Friday afternoon. Getting a technician in to repair those units could be nothing short of challenging. That's not a problem for Icecool Trailers. We can provide same-day cold room rental to get your business (restaurant, bar, pub, hotel) through the busy weekend. It only takes a single phone call.

Icecool Trailers is proud to offer 2-4 hour cool room hire for London, Birmingham, and Cardiff . There is no reason an emergency needs to shut you down when we can have you up and running with a cool room on the very same day you call. For any emergency, let Icecool Trailers provide you with the cold storage you need.

Whether you need a cold room for a planned event or an emergency, we can help. All of our equipment is meticulously maintained and serviced by Scubair to ensure we never let you down. Please do not hesitate to contact Icecool Trailers for your custom quote today. We'll help you decide what's most appropriate for your needs, give you a price that is very competitive, and set up a delivery date and time that's right for you. 


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