Are the Fridge Trailers and Freezer Trailers Lockable?

Yes. All of our units are lockable, and we will leave you 2 keys (1 as a spare if you misplace one!)

Icecool Trailers offers a range of fridge and freezer trailers, as well as cold rooms and chillers. All of which are lockable, we recommend locking at multiple units of ours before choosing one as their may be a more suitable option, we will attempt to help you find a more suitable if you contact us.

We specialise in portable cold rooms and fridge trailer hire; we cover the whole of the south of England from London to Wales and Southampton to Birmingham.

Can I hire a fridge trailer for a horse show?

Certainly. We regularly supply our fridge and freezer trailers to horse shows and country shows. We deliver to site and collect when the event is over. For more details of how we can help with your mobile refrigeration needs just give us a call on 01635 250 950

A large portion of our business comes from outdoor events and therefore we relish an opportunity to help with such events as we know exactly how we can help you.

Icecool Trailers covers a large area mainly the Southern half of Britain this includes London to Wales and Southampton to Birmingham, we specialise in fridge trailers and cold rooms.

Can I lock the Cold Rooms and Freezer Rooms?

Yes. All units are lockable, and we will leave you 2 keys (1 as a spare in case you misplace one!)

Understanding what you need in a unit is the most important thing, as this allows us to help you make a decision, to make it easier to decide if we are right for you we feel you should know all of our units are lockable and we deliver them to your site and collect them, this saves you a trip and time!

We like the fact we can offer such a great range of services, however we love something more. Our location, we have fantastic access to the M4 and A34 and therefore can travel all over the Southern half of England with relative ease.

Can I store Ice in a Fridge Trailer or Cold Room

Yes - Ice cubes will remain frozen for many hours in a Fridge Trailer. You could put bags of Ice in the evening before your event, and they should be fine for use the next day.

Spring and Summer are popular times for outdoor events and these events are popular among food providers, especially businesses like burger vans. our fridge trailers are perfect for meeting the demand of your consumers and we deliver and collect them from onsite, so you don't have to worry about moving them.

Fridge Trailers and Cold Rooms are what we specialise in and we can deliver them to a vast area, such as South Wales, London and Birmingham. We can even offer our services up north as we have done in the past, the furthest we have ever operated was Sheffield so don't hesitate if you are worried about location.

Can I tow a fridge/ freezer trailer behind my car?

We don't hire for self towing. We deliver and collect all our fridge and freezer trailers and the hitches are locked once on site. If you have concerns about access to a site, please call us to discuss and we will be happy to discuss the requirement. 01635 250 950

We offer a large range of fridge and freezer trailers but if these don't meet your requirements take a look at our range of cold rooms and chillers, we are able to provide a solution to a number of issues and our range of services allow us to do this, contact us if you feel you need something specific.

As stated above we deliver and collect our units, but before you think your location will be a problem. Icecool Trailers would like to reassure you it won't, we have delivered all over the South of Britain and we have even gone as far north as Sheffield.

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Can my freezer van rental be moved around if needed?

Unlike our cold rooms which are built and fixed in place, when you hire a refrigerated trailer on wheels, you have the complete freedom to move it around as you see fit. With that said, please do not move the trailers without speaking to us first.

Can the cold storage room be moved around once installed?

Our cold rooms are installed at the place where you intend to use them, and as a result, they are not mobile. If you are looking for a mobile solution, then check out our fridge and freezer trailer hire service.

Can the trailer be moved around after it’s installed?

Unlike our cold rooms for hire, which are installed and fixed to the ground, our fridge and freezer trailers are on wheels, meaning they can be moved around. With that said, please contact us before you tow it to avoid damage.

Can you help with the installation?

On the day, our team will drive to your site and will install your freezer room for you at no extra charge. The process doesn’t take long and your newly hired freezer room will be ready for use right away.

Can you help with the installation?

We will take care of the entire installation for you upon delivery so you can start using your newly hired freezer trailer right away. The installation is included in the rental service and will come at no extra cost.

Do I have to insure the Trailer or Cold Room?

The short answer: No, All of our units are insured by Icecool Trailers whilst on site with you.

However, it is important to note that the contents of the Fridge Trailer or Cold Room is not insured by us and therefore it is the customers responsibility to cover this.

All of our units are lockable and therefore provide a level of security to the contents you have stored in the fridge trailer or cold room.

It is still recommended that you look into insuring your own contents especially if you are using our storage units at public events such as horse shows and agricultural fairs.

Do You Hire Fridge Trailers For Weddings?

Yes, indeed we do. About 40% of our business comes from weddings, garden parties and other seasonal outdoor events.

Our fridge trailers are ideal for cool storage of wines, champagne, beer and food as the internal temperature of the fridge trailer can be regulated very easily.

For storing wines and champagnes on a hot summer's day, simply set the internal temperature control to around 7 or 8 degrees Celsius to enjoy your champagne and white wines at their best. This temperature will work well for beers and food too.

For large weddings and events, you may wish to consider hiring a couple of trailers so one can be used to store food, white wines, champagnes and beers while the other can be used to keep red wines at a comfortable temperature (the French would say that's about 16-18 degrees Celsius - or chambré which means 'room temperature' but a couple of centuries ago large French houses were probably not that warm!).

After all, there are few things in life worse than warm beer or cold red wine! Keep your cool on your wedding day with a fridge trailer from Icecool and everything will just go swimmingly. When it's all over, we'll come along and remove the trailer. Simples....

Do you need to do a site visit before delivery?

No. It is completely up to you where you want your cool room to be installed and as long as space permits, we'll get it installed and ready for use upon delivery.

Do You Offer Refrigerated Van Hire?

No, we don't. We hire refrigerated trailers in preference to refrigerated van hire for a number of reasons:

  • 1. The cost of refrigerated van hire is typically higher than the cost of refrigerated trailer hire.
  • 2. Our fridge trailers are delivered right onto site for you and collected when you're done with them, leaving you to get on with your work rather than having to collect and return a refrigerated or freezer van.
  • 3. Our fridge trailers (and freezer trailers) are often hired for long durations; hiring a refrigerated van for several weeks would not be economically viable, whereas long term fridge trailer hire from Icecool is extremely competitive.
  • 4. There are no fuel costs for the hirer when choosing an Icecool trailer; our hire cost is all-inclusive of delivery and collection.
  • 5. It's not unknown for hire vehicles to breakdown! The last thing you need when you have a refrigeration emergency is for the van to break down or a wheel to come off. All Icecool trailers are delivered by 4x4 vehicles (regularly maintained and serviced) and yes, we carry spare wheels!

Need a quote? Why not use our callback form? We'll get back to you...... fast!

How does freezer room hire work?

Our freezer room hire service works in a very similar way to our fridge and freezer trailer hire service.

Usually a customer will contact us with the following information:

  • Location for the freezer room
    • We need the exact location / postcode (Not 'in my back yard')
  • Duration of the hire
    • Remember that longer duration rentals will work out far more cost-effective
    • Some of our customers rent freezer rooms and chillers for a year or more
  • Special requirements / difficulties with access etc.
    • Whilst our portable freezer rooms are modular, we might struggle to get the panels into some tight spaces

We will then price the job (always competitively, of course) and provide a fully-inclusive quote.

The modular cold room or freezer room is then delivered to your site and assembled in situ by our own fully insured and qualified personnel. We ensure that the power supply is connected and working, and that the freezer room is ready for your use.

When you're done with your freezer room (or cold room/ chiller), we dismantle the entire unit and remove it from your site.

To get a competitive quote, call us now on 01635 250 950 - we're here to help and we don't think you'll find better service anywhere.

We offer two sizes of modular cold rooms/ freezer rooms: 1.8M and 3.0M

How much does a fridge trailer or freezer trailer cost to hire?

The cost of our hire services is very much dependant on your requirements.

Things we take into consideration:

  • Location for the unit
    • We need an exact location and postcode
  • Duration of the hire time
    • This obviously changes the cost
    • An important note is that longer hire times are more cost effective
  • Special requirements and difficulties we might have
    • There could be a variety of issues and needs
      • we recommend contacting us for more information on this
    • Keep in mind although our cold rooms are assembled on site to fit small areas they need some space for assembly

This will depend on a number of factors, such as your location, the duration of the hire and the time of year. Because everyone's need is slightly different it is not practical or possible for us to list prices, so we ask you to call us on 01635 250 950 or contact us via our enquiry form.

How soon can I get my emergency cold storage unit delivered?

If you’re in the area of London, South Wales, or the Midlands, same-day delivery is possible no matter whether you’re after a freezer trailer or another refrigeration unit. In some cases, our team has made deliveries within just two hours of receiving an enquiry.

How will the refrigeration unit be powered?

All of our refrigeration units can be plugged either into a 13 AMP 3-pin socket, or a 16 AMP C-form socket. If your site is situated in a remote location or you don’t have access to the power grid, you can also power up your emergency refrigeration unit using a power generator.

Is a Mobile Chiller the Same as a Freezer Trailer?

The term mobile chiller can actually be used to refer to a fridge or freezer trailer and a mobile (or portable) cold room.

At Icecool we hire both but the principal difference between the two is that the portable cold room is assembled in situ allowing us to set these up in relatively tight spaces or where access is narrow.

The fridge or freezer trailer, or course, is just that: a towable walk-in fridge or freezer which is delivered to your site by us and collected when you're done.

Typically a fridge or freezer trailer will be hired for ourdoor catering, country events and shows, or to locate adjacent to the kitchens of a pub, restaurant or hotel where it can be used as additional refrigerated or frozen storage.

A typical Icecool freezer trailer


Whereas, our chiller rooms (also called cool rooms, cold rooms and freezer rooms) will usually be assembled inside a property (hotel, pub, restaurant kitchen area).

An Icecool portable (or modular) cold room

Is installation included with the cold room rental service?

Yes, installation is included at no extra cost with our cold room rental service. Upon delivery, our team will assemble your cold room and get it all prepped up and ready for use.

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