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Same Day Emergency Cold Room, Walk-In Chillers and Freezer Rooms for Hire

Fridge and Freezer Trailer Rental in the UK.

If everything in life went exactly as planned, things would be great. Nevertheless, that's not the case. Emergencies arise to challenge us and our ability to adapt. Where cold storage is concerned, Icecool Trailers are up to that challenge. We provide emergency cold room, fridge and emergency freezer trailer hire for both business and personal use.

Our emergency service can deliver a fridge trailer, freezer trailer, or cold room directly to your location right away. We can often offer 2-hour delivery to customers in and around London, Cardiff, and Birmingham – most other regions can receive delivery on the same day you call us. We always respond to emergencies as quickly as possible so that you are not left hanging without cold storage.

Where trailer-based solutions are appropriate, Icecool Trailers offer two sizes of mobile refrigeration and freezer units: 2.4 m and 3.0 m. One of our trailers can be delivered to your site, positioned exactly where you want it, stabilised, and immediately connected to electrical power through a standard 13- or 16-amp circuit. Generators can also be used where mains power is not available.

You'll be happy to know that all of our fridge and freezer trailer hire units come with adjustable shelving to give you plenty of storage space. Each of our trailers is lockable, fully lit, and designed to give you more than enough space to stand up in.

Where trailers are not appropriate, emergency cold room hire might be the right solution. Our 1.8 m and 3.0 m cold rooms can be delivered to your location for use indoors or out. The best thing is that our cold rooms are set up using independent panels that can be brought into your location through a standard door. We deliver the cold room, assemble it for you, and make sure it is running properly.

Emergency cold room, fridge and freezer trailer hire

Emergency Fridge, Freezer and Cold Room Solutions, When You Need Them

Icecool Trailers has been in the mobile cold storage business for more than 20 years. And with all that experience, we know that emergencies require immediate action. When your normal cold storage capacity goes down, you do not have time to wait for a rental company to get its act together. You need them to get moving right away.

Our commitment to you is one of providing 2-hour or same-day service regardless of your needs. Whether you need emergency fridge trailer hire, freezer trailer hire, or cold room rental, we are just a phone call away. Do not hesitate to contact us for a customised estimate and emergency delivery. We are at your service.

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