4 Reasons to Choose Freezer Trailer Hire Over Other Options

Picture of a Freezer Trailer

We get the fact that you have options when you need external refrigeration in the form of a freezer. You can choose a freezer trailer, a walk-in room, or even van hire. Yet there are times when a trailer is your best option. That is what we want to talk about in this post.

For the record, we firmly believe that trailers and walk-in rooms offer the most benefits as compared to refrigerated van hire. That's why we deal only in trailers and walk-in rooms. With that said, let's get to the following four reasons to choose freezer trailer hire over other options.

The Four Reasons

1. You Need External Storage

Right off the top, a walk-in freezer isn't going to do you much good if you don't have an interior space in which to install it. This dictates that any need for external storage automatically points you to either freezer trailer or a van. A freezer trailer offers maximum cold storage space along with additional benefits.

2. You Need a Flexible Solution

External cold storage is often subject to certain restrictions based on geography and landlord policies. For example, there may be plenty of room for us to install a freezer trailer in a space that will not accommodate a rented van. Or perhaps your landlord doesn't want vans parked in certain locations.

Another potential problem is not having access to mains power. Freezer trailer hire answers the call with units that can be connected to external generators. By the way, all of our freezer and refrigerated trailers can be run from generators if necessary.

3. You Need a Cost-Effective Solution

Both our freezer trailers and walk-in rooms are priced comparably, so there's nothing to be concerned about there. But when you compare trailer and van hire, you quickly realise that you get more for your money with a trailer. A freezer trailer is almost entirely cold storage space where renting a van means renting both storage space and a vehicle with an engine. Metre for metre, a trailer is a much better deal.

4. You Want a No-Hassle Arrangement

Finally, freezer trailer hire from Icecool Trailers is a hassle-free experience. We deliver the trailer directly to your location on the agreed date. Our technician installs the trailer, levels it, connects it to power, and make sure everything is in working order before leaving. When it's time to pick the unit up, we handle that as well.

Rent a van and you are largely on your own. You pick up the van and drive to your location; you return it when you're done with it. You are responsible for everything in between.

We cannot think of a better solution for external refrigeration than a refrigerated or freezer trailer from Icecool Trailers. We know you have options, and we invite you to put us to the test. We have the equipment you need at prices you can afford, all backed by 20+ years in the business.