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Having access to reliable freezer space might be critical to the operation of your business. On the other hand, perhaps you are in charge of a weekend event expected to draw hundreds of people from the community – an event that requires temporary cold storage. Maybe you are even planning that perfect outdoor wedding for your 'little girl'. In any situation requiring extra freezer space, Icecool Trailers can provide a freezer room that sets up easily, connects right to your current power system, and provides you with all the walk-in freezer space you need.

We've been in the portable cold storage business for over 20 years. During this time, we have experienced just about every situation you can imagine. Our experience has taught us one thing: when you need emergency or temporary freezer space, you cannot afford to be wasting time and effort with a service provider who cannot deliver. Rest assured that you would not have that kind of experience when you work with us.

Our 1.8m and 3.0m freezer rooms are the perfect solution for the commercial kitchen and other areas where trailers are not appropriate. The freezer room includes plenty of usable shelf space, full lighting, and compatibility with both 13-amp and 16-amp electrical systems. The room can be powered using a generator if need be. And as for security, there's no need to worry about that either. All of our freezer rooms are lockable.

Freezer Hire Whenever You Need It

Freezer Rooms For Hire (1.8 M)

Our 1.8M freezer room is the smaller of our two freezer rooms. The cubic capacity of the 1.8M walk-in freezer is approximately 5 cubic metres. Please bear in mind that it is unlikely that you would ever be able to use 100% of the internal space; if in doubt about capacity, customers should also consider our 3.0M freezer room option.

Mobile Cold Rooms For Hire (1.8 M)

Our 1.8m mobile cold room is ideal for the catering trades where extra cold storage is required, or as temporary cold storage during a refrigeration breakdown. It has an approximate internal cubic capacity of 5 cu metres.

Mobile Freezer Rooms For Hire (3 M)

The largest of our freezer rooms, this 3.0M walk-in freezer/ chiller is ideal for the catering trade. Whether it's extra frozen food storage space that you require, or a replacement freezer during a breakdown, this capacious freezer room will certainly get you up and running.

Portable Cold Rooms For Hire (3 M)

A large 3M mobile chiller and cold room. A same day delivery service is possible in London, the Thames Valley, South Wales, Birmingham and parts of the Midlands. We specialise in emergency refrigeration equipment and offer a range of chillers, freezers, cold rooms and fridge trailers to suit most refrigeration needs.

There are times when you can plan for your freezer room hire and rental – just call us and we will take care of it. However, there are other times when emergencies arise. Icecool Trailers offer a reliable emergency freezer room hire service to business, whenever you need. Our customers depend on us because they know we will not let them down. We can sometimes offer delivery to site within two-hours of your call for rentals in the London, Cardiff, and Birmingham areas. For the rest of our service areas, we will have your freezer room to you as quickly as possible.

Your freezer room will arrive disassembled as individual panels. This allows us to carry the entire room through a standard-sized door for interior applications. The panels are assembled on site, the compressor and shelving installed, and connection made to your electrical system. In no time at all, we can have your freezer room up and running. You will have less downtime, making your emergency more manageable.

For equipment and service you can depend on, trust Icecool Trailers with your freezer room hire and rental needs. Whether you need temporary freezer space, emergency cold storage, or a freezer solution where trailers are not appropriate, our freezer rooms are exactly what you're looking for.

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