Same-Day Freezer Room Hire - Get it Delivered and Installed Today

On the lookout for a convenient freezer storage solution? At Ice Cool Trailers, we offer our customers state-of-the-art freezer rooms for short and long-term hiring all over the United Kingdom. All of our freezer rooms are designed with the intent of meeting your every need, regardless of the industry that you’re in or what you plan on using them for.

All of your goods, be it frozen meats or pharmaceutical products can be safely stored in our freezer rooms at their optimal temperature for as long as you deem necessary.

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Is it possible to fit a pallet through the freezer door?

That would depend on the size of the pallet, but in most cases, the answer would be no as you’d need to fit it through a door, which isn’t very wide. With that said, you won’t have the need to fit a pallet into your newly hired freezer room as it will come with an adequate number of shelves to keep everything organized.

What power supply is required?

Both our 1.8m and 3.0m modular freezer rooms can be powered up through either a 13 AMP 3-pin or a 16 AMP ‘C’ form socket. They can also be powered up either directly through a power socket or via a portable generator.

Where can you put a freezer room?

Our freezer rooms specifically are designed for indoor use only. This is not only because they need to be placed on a flat surface, but also because they need access to power to operate.

Can you help with the installation?

On the day, our team will drive to your site and will install your freezer room for you at no extra charge. The process doesn’t take long and your newly hired freezer room will be ready for use right away.

What power supply does my freezer trailer require?

All of our chiller trailers can be plugged into 13 or 16 AMP systems. If you don’t have direct access to electricity, you can also use a generator to power up your freezer trailer.

Other mobile refrigeration options include:

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