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Since the beginning of the year, we have been hearing a lot about the 'cold chain' and how it relates to solving some of the food security problems of the developing world.

However, the cold chain is also something that has a very significant impact on businesses here in Britain. Without proper cold chain management, perishable foods would not be as abundant as they are today.

From the walk-in freezer to the portable refrigerated trailer, the cold chain is alive and well in our own country.

Portable refrigerated trailers

Another good example of filling the cold chain hole is a portable refrigerated trailer used by a caterer. One of our clients provides food service for a local university and, every autumn, their cold storage capacity has to temporarily increase while the school welcomes new students and their parents. A refrigerated trailer is the perfect solution because it can be obtained and used on a temporary basis.

Temporary refrigeration needs are easily filled by hiring either freezer trailers or portable freezer rooms. When the caterer's operations return to normal, he simply calls and schedules a pick-up of the trailer or modular cold room.

The cold chain may seem like a complicated concept that applies only to global food waste solutions. However, it's actually not. The cold chain is more of a macroeconomic concept that affects any business or organisation that handles perishable food items. Icecool Trailers is proud to be part of the cold chain by supplying refrigerated cold storage and walk-in freezer and refrigerator hire.

To the refrigeration purist, the cold chain is that supply chain of refrigeration capacity that allows perishable foods to get from producer to consumer without spoilage. Let's visualise it in terms of the foods you eat every day. For example, let us say the different cheeses on your relish plate.

The milk to make the cheese is collected on the farm and shipped to processors for pasteurisation and cheese production. The finished cheese is kept cold as it is shipped to distributors and then off to the local sellers. When you purchase the cheese, you may put it in your own refrigerator until you are ready to use it. In this scenario, there are four entities involved in the cold chain: the processor, the distributor, the retailer, and you.

In a commercial environment, there are additional entities involved in the cold chain. For example, a hotel in Wiltshire may have central refrigeration to house all of the perishable foods that will eventually be used throughout the facility. Nevertheless, several smaller kitchens around the hotel may also have their own refrigeration units.

Other mobile refrigeration options include:

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