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Fridge Trailer Rental: Things to Think About

For almost any catered event, a rented fridge trailer can be worked successfully into an operation plan. Available from Icecool Trailers in a number of sizes, a fridge trailer rental service prioritises adaptability and readiness, suiting it to both prepared catering plans as well as quick response to catering emergencies. Before renting a fridge trailer however, there are a number of things to consider.

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Remembering the Cold Room on World Refrigeration Day

Imagine your life without refrigerators, without air conditioning. Refrigeration has changed how we live our lives and the 26th of June (2019) marked the very first World Refrigeration Day. We just want to share our appreciation of such a day.

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Walk-in Freezers and Cold Rooms for Medical Science

Most clients who contact us looking for a walk-in freezer or cold room are looking to store food or beverages. That's to be expected because a lot of our business comes from caterers, restaurants, hotels, and the like but a smaller portion of our business has nothing to do with food. Instead, we rent walk-in freezers and cold rooms in support of medical science.

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3 Risks of Not Renting External Refrigeration

Our inventory of external units includes both refrigerated trailers and freezers. For this post, we want to focus on external refrigeration. We want to talk about the risks of not renting a fridge trailer or freezer when you really should.