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3 Surprising Industries that Rely on Cold Rooms

Icecool Trailers - 09-Nov-2018
Hearing 'cold room hire' often brings thoughts of a restaurant, pub or supermarket but we know there are many more industries that utilise cold rooms just as well. We've listed 3 industries which rely on cold rooms as much as food industries and we think they might surprise you.

Freezer Trailer Hire: 4 Things Only We Think About

Icecool Trailers - 02-Nov-2018
When thinking about renting a freezer trailer it's just as easy to under-think things as it is to overthink things. You shouldn't burden any stress when we can help you to think clearly. We've dealt with so many scenarios we've gained a knowledge on the things you won't think of.

3 Ways a Fridge Trailer Can Make Catering More Efficient

Icecool Trailers - 26-Oct-2018
Renting a fridge trailer to aid with catering operations is really about serving customers at their location. Caterers have plenty of built-in cold storage on their own premises, so that is not a concern unless cold rooms or freezers break down. Rather, most of what they need Icecool Trailers for involves keeping food cold and fresh at the site of the event being catered.

A Walk-In Chiller at the Livestock Fair

Icecool Trailers - 19-Oct-2018
Livestock fairs represent an opportunity for farmers and butchers to show what they can do. For our industry, it's yet another opportunity to show both the utility and flexibility of walk-in chiller hire.

What Does Emergency Refrigeration Actually Looks Like?

Icecool Trailers - 12-Oct-2018
We frequently use our blog posts to talk about emergency refrigeration. We discuss fridge trailers, walk-in cold rooms, temporary chillers, and the like. But it recently occurred to us that we don't discuss what emergency refrigeration actually looks like in the real world. We aim to change that with this blog post.

Choose Icecool Trailers for Stress-Free Freezer Trailer Rental

Icecool Trailers - 28-Sep-2018
We recently read a news article referring to another temporary refrigeration provider that just invested in two brand-new fridge and freezer trailers. They also launched a new breakdown service available 24/7. We found it interesting because we already offered an emergency breakdown service and have for a long time. So with our experience here is what we think is needed from a stress free service.

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