Refrigeration Trailer Rental: No Need to Buy When You Can Rent

We compare renting your mobile refrigeration with buying a refrigerated trailer

Icecool provide a wide range of mobile and portable refrigeration options with a strong focus on service.

Case study: A catering company requiring portable refrigeration in London weighs up its options between renting and purchasing. Its business requires them to use portal cold storage quite often, so the company is leaning toward purchasing their own units. Yet after considering the pros and cons of both approaches, it picks up the phone and calls Icecool Trailers.

The owner of this catering company has made a wise choice. By calling us, he has access to refrigeration trailer rental that meets the unique needs of every event he works. We are happy to have him as a customer and he is happy to take advantage of our services to successfully run his business.

freezer rooms and refrigerated trailers Why should you consider renting rather than purchasing? Consider the following:


Cost – The cost of new portable refrigeration units is prohibitive to most small businesses. In other words, new trailers are not cheap. Yes, you can buy used trailers for a few thousand pounds, but consider why businesses might be looking to dispose of those units. Are they really going to be dependable enough for you to get your money's worth?

Maintenance and Repair – When you purchase your own units you are responsible for their maintenance and repair. Refrigeration trailer rental from Icecool Trailers includes maintenance and repairs as part of your lease. You need only contact our 24-hour call out service to have a repair technician dispatched to your location immediately.

Flexibility – Not every situation requires the same amount of refrigeration or freezing capacity. When you invest in your own units, you are limiting yourself to what you have purchased. When you rent from a company like ours, you have the opportunity to rent only the cold storage you need for that particular event. No more, no less.

Ease-Of-Use – Perhaps the biggest advantage of refrigeration trailer rental is the ease-of-use it affords. Just call and make arrangements with one of our specialists and leave the rest to us. We will deliver your unit, set it up, and get it running. All you need do is show up and get to work.

Reliability – Icecool Trailers rents the latest equipment that has been maintained to meticulous standards. When you rent, you are getting the reliability that comes with a company determined to maintain a positive reputation among new and future customers. When you buy your own, your units will only be as reliable as the amount of effort and resources you dedicate to them.

Storage and security – Many operators will find it hard to justify the capital outlay of buying a refrigerated trailer, let alone the depreciation, but having to store it securely when it's not in use is an added headache. Will the fridge trailer be in a suitable condition when you next need it? Or will you have to spend a day cleaning it before it can be used? When you rent from Icecool you can forget all of these concerns; you just know an Icecool trailer will be serviced, clean and ready to use, whatever your needs.

Freezer Trailers For Hire (2.4 M)

A 2.4M long freezer trailer available to hire from Icecool Trailers. Ideal as extra freezer storage for hotels, restaurants and outdoor caterers/ special events catering.

Our 2.4M freezer trailer is delivered to (and collected from) site for you by Icecool staff.

Fridge Trailers For Hire (3 M)

The largest of our fridge trailers, this 3.0m unit will easily act as a second cold room. Commonly used for the larger events, hotels and caterers, our 3.0m fridge trailer is bound to get you out of trouble. It has an approximate internal capacity of 8.5 cubic metres.

Three Advantages of Portable Chiller Hire

Icecool Trailers - 11-Jun-2014
What do you do about refrigeration if you are planning a big wedding party large enough to require you to hold the event outdoors? Alternatively, how about those times when you risk food spoilage due to a sudden loss of power? You could spend a fortune on small, portable coolers filled with lots of melting ice, or you could ensure there are no problems by arranging for portable chiller hire. The choice here is obvious.

Portable chiller hire offers you a number of advantages over almost any other kind of refrigeration. Here are just three of those advantages:

Icecool Trailers is proud to offer refrigeration trailer rental in London and throughout numerous other locales in England. We provide portable cold storage for catered events, outdoor festivals and music events, private weddings, corporate gatherings, education events, and more. Rental is available for both pre-scheduled events and emergencies alike. For a complete quote, contact us at Icecool Trailers on 01635 250 950.

fridge freezer trailer hire from Icecool of Berkshire