Walk-In Freezer and Cold Room Sales to Climb

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Refrigeration industry analysts are expecting fairly strong growth across the commercial sector through 2018, according to a news item recently published by RAC Magazine's Julian Milnes. Analysts expect walk-in freezer and cold room sales to be among the hottest in developed countries, while residential refrigerators and freezers will likely enjoy the strongest growth in developing countries.

RAC says that growth of 4.7% through 2018 is very realistic. The projected growth is being attributed to companies embracing new purchases after holding off during the previous recessionary period. It expects to see more refrigeration purchases across the board for warehousing, distribution and even retail sales.

At the retail level, a greater need for commercial refrigeration boils down to greater economic activity that encourages retail sales for refrigerated food products. When people have more money to spend, they are more likely to purchase in larger quantities, thus requiring more refrigeration to accommodate larger inventories. The same holds true in the developing world, which is why analysts expect home refrigeration and freezer equipment to enjoy strong growth as well.

What does all of this have to do with refrigerator and freezer hire? Simply put, demand for the equipment and services we provide often mirrors the retail and commercial market. For example, the same strong economy that increases retail sales at the local supermarket also increases sales for the businesses we serve – businesses such as caterers, event planners, restaurants, and so forth.

Our mobile refrigeration options

At Icecool Trailers, we do not offer commercial walk-in freezer and cold room sales. We offer an alternative: refrigeration and freezer hire. Our equipment and services are designed to be used by companies in need of temporary cold storage for either planned events or emergencies. Having said that, we can also do long term rentals for customers who simply choose not to purchase their own equipment.

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In the area of planned events, we provide equipment for things such as weddings, corporate gatherings, outdoor festivals, birthday parties, and the like. We offer different sizes of refrigerated trailers and freezers that can be delivered to your site and connected to the existing electrical system or an external generator. We also offer walk-in freezers and cold rooms that a restaurant or medical supply company may want to utilise while undergoing an expansion project.

For emergencies, we offer portable cold storage at a moment's notice. We can provide you with two-hour delivery within the Greater London area or same-day service in most other parts of England and Wales. Our emergency service includes both trailers and walk-in rooms.
{module_webapps,1841,r} Each of the units we rent comes with full shelving and lighting for your convenience. We can deliver and set up your unit with just a phone call, relieving you off all the hassles associated with portable cold storage. We invite you to call Icecool Trailers for service throughout Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, and beyond. Your walk-in freezer or refrigerated trailer will be prepared, delivered, and set up quickly and efficiently.


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