Temporary Refrigeration - Disaster Recovery

photo of a tropical island

As the residents of Vanuatu begin picking up the pieces of their lives following last week's devastating cyclone, reality is starting to set in. Fears of widespread illnesses are now springing up as a result of a lack of food and medical refrigeration across the stricken island nation. Natural disasters such as these demonstrate how vital a role temporary refrigeration plays in disaster recovery.

Whether it is a cyclone on Vanuatu or an earthquake in China, natural disasters usually result in a temporary loss of power generation. The early effects of an inoperable cold chain start with food spoilage in individual homes, retail outlets, and restaurants. However, the longer power restoration is delayed, the more widespread cold chain problems become.

A lack of adequate refrigeration becomes a serious issue when it begins to affect medical care. For example, certain types of vaccines need to be kept cold along with blood supplies that are so critical for treating traumatic injuries. Inadequate refrigeration not only encourages spoilage, but also prevents new supplies from being adequately protected. Temporary refrigeration relying on diesel-powered generators is often the only workable solution.

Temporary cold storage options include both refrigerated trailers and freezer trailers.{module_webapps,1841,c,15473} These can be located virtually anywhere, as long as vehicles have access to the site in question. Furthermore, they can be run indefinitely using diesel generators. An adequate supply of portable cold storage can mean the difference in disaster recovery efforts.

Temporary Refrigeration in the UK

We are fortunate in the UK that we do not often experience devastating natural disasters as those seen in other parts of the world. Our weather remains relatively stable year-round, and we are not subject to things such as earthquakes and major tidal surges. Nevertheless, that does not mean the UK is completely without risk. A natural disaster could be as difficult to deal with here as anywhere else on the planet. Thankfully, we have an adequate supply of temporary cold storage to work with.

Icecool Trailers is just one of many companies all across the UK providing temporary refrigeration. In the event of a natural disaster, all of our trailers and walk-in rooms could be mobilised for medical and food storage. As mentioned earlier, our equipment does not need a working electrical connection to function properly. All of our units can be powered using external diesel generators.

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Help with Your Disaster

Natural disasters notwithstanding, Icecool Trailers is proud to be able to assist our clients dealing with their personal disasters. We may get a call from a caterer who suddenly discovers that refrigeration will not be available at the site of his next big event. We are happy to provide as many trailers as necessary to make that event a success.

We may also get a call from a medical facility in need of a temporary walk-in room after their built-in unit has failed. We can often provide two-hour delivery within our Greater London service area, enabling that facility to keep their medical supplies cold until repairs on the permanent unit are completed.

Disasters and emergencies are a part of life. There is nothing we can do to prevent them altogether. However, the existence of temporary refrigeration solutions, such as those offered by Icecool Trailers, is available to assist in disaster recovery. And for that opportunity to help, we are grateful to be part of the industry.