Storing frozen goods in a fridge trailer or cold room

Coldroom and trailer hire from Icecool

We are often asked about whether or not it is possible to safely store frozen goods in our fridge trailers and cold rooms. So, we thought we’d write an article addressing this.

Many businesses who hire fridge trailers and cold rooms from ourselves actually store frozen goods overnight or throughout the day in their unit.

Our units are so efficient, that you can store ice cubes overnight in them and they should be fine to use the next morning; so long as the lowest temperature setting is chosen and the temperature is maintained (opening the door from time to time is fine). And so, if you have a catering business that runs more efficiently storing frozen and fresh goods together, you will find our fridge trailers and cold rooms a welcome addition to your operations.

Thawing frozen goods in your unit is also perfectly fine. Most foods will take a day or two to thaw fully in a refrigerated environment. Some may defrost overnight.

However, time is the limiting factor with regard to storing frozen goods in a fridge trailer or cold room. While you can freeze almost any food, refrigerating frozen food will not prolong the life of the food in the same way. It’s important to take into consideration – when storing frozen goods in a refrigerator – that thawed food will not last for long. The microbes that became inactive when they were frozen will become active again and multiply more quickly once food has thawed. This is what leads to foodborne illness.

As a result, if you are going to store frozen goods in your fridge trailer or cold room, only use your unit as a short-term solution.


If you require a long-term solution, then we recommend a freezer trailer or freezer room for your business. We hire these out in the same way as our refrigerated units. They are perfect where extra cold storage is required or as a temporary freezer solution. Our units maintain a constant set temperature to prolong the life of your food. They are available in 1.8 and 3.0m sizes and they offer lots of usable shelf space, full lighting and compatibility with 13-amp, 16-amp electrical systems or they can be run off a portable generator.

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