Why should you use refrigerated trailers at festivals?

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Whether you're hosting a music festival, a food fair, or a large-scale family gathering, there's one essential component you shouldn't overlook: refrigerated trailers. In the following guide, we’re going to explore the many benefits of using refrigerated trailers and why hiring one is a fantastic choice for any outdoor event. Let's dive in!

What is a refrigerated trailer?

A refrigerated trailer, sometimes referred to as a fridge trailer or chiller trailer, is a mobile refrigeration unit designed to transport and store perishable goods at the necessary temperatures. These trailers are ideal for events where maintaining the freshness and quality of food and beverages is crucial. If you're hosting a large-scale event, it's essential to consider the many advantages that refrigerated trailers offer.

How do refrigerated trailers work?

Refrigerated trailers function by combining insulation and refrigeration systems to maintain the desired temperature within the trailer. The insulation helps prevent heat transfer from the outside environment, while the refrigeration system actively cools or heats the air inside the trailer to maintain the optimal temperature for the stored goods. This ensures that the products remain fresh and safe to consume throughout your event.

Why should you hire a refrigerated trailer for your event?

Fridge trailer hire can be incredibly useful for anyone hosting large-scale events. Here’s why:

Ensuring food safety and quality

One of the main reasons to hire a refrigerated trailer for your event is to maintain food safety and quality. Large gatherings often feature a wide variety of food vendors offering a diverse range of food options. To guarantee the safety and enjoyment of your guests, it's crucial to store food at the appropriate temperature.

By hiring a refrigerated trailer, you can be confident that the food will be stored at the correct temperature, thereby reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses and preserving the taste and quality of the offerings.

Supporting local produce and suppliers

Another advantage of hiring a refrigerated trailer is the ability to support local produce and suppliers. Many events pride themselves on showcasing local talent and businesses, including food vendors who offer delicious, locally-sourced products.

A refrigerated trailer enables vendors to store their produce at the appropriate temperature, ensuring that their ingredients remain fresh and flavoursome throughout the event. This not only supports local businesses but also promotes sustainability by reducing food waste, as vendors are more likely to sell out of their stock if it's maintained in optimal condition.

Ensuring a seamless event experience

To create a seamless event experience for your guests, it's essential that all aspects of the event run smoothly, including the provision of food and beverages.

Refrigerated trailers are a practical solution for event organisers and food vendors, as they provide a reliable method of storing perishable goods on-site, ensuring easy access when needed. This enables vendors to focus on delivering an efficient and enjoyable service, without worrying about the logistics of food storage.

Minimise waste

We’ve already discussed how adequate food storage helps to minimise food waste, but there’s another key benefit to this; helping improve festivals’ reputations when it comes to waste. According to data, an estimated 2000 tonnes of waste is left behind at Glastonbury every year. While a fridge hire won’t eliminate this problem entirely, it’ll certainly help vendors improve sustainability in their operations.

Adaptable to various event sizes and requirements

Lastly, refrigerated trailers are an ideal choice because they are adaptable to various event sizes and requirements. From small, intimate gatherings (such as local festivals) to large, multi-day events such as Glastonbury or the Isle of Wight festival, refrigerated trailers come in different sizes and capacities, ensuring that there is a suitable option for every occasion.

Moreover, some refrigerated trailers offer adjustable temperature settings, allowing vendors to cater to different types of food and beverages. This flexibility makes refrigerated trailers a valuable asset for events, as they can be tailored to suit the unique needs and demands of each occasion.

The bottom line

Ultimately, hiring a refrigerated trailer for your event provides numerous benefits for both guests and vendors alike. By ensuring food safety and quality, supporting local produce and suppliers, facilitating a seamless event experience, and offering adaptability to various event sizes and requirements, refrigerated trailers contribute to the overall success and enjoyment of your event. Consider investing in this versatile and practical solution to ensure that your event is not only memorable but also enjoyable and safe for everyone involved.

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