The Future of Refrigerated Trailer Rental

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RAC Magazine editor Andrew Gaved is among the industry professionals thrilled to announce that the government has accepted the industry's framework for apprenticeship training. That framework, long in the making, will have a very definite impact on the entire refrigeration industry. It will even affect the future of refrigerated trailer rental. It is all about training the next generation of workers who will be designing, building, and servicing the equipment of tomorrow.

  • Gaved explained in a recent RAC article how the most important points of the new framework will have a direct impact on the cooling industry. In a nutshell, those three points are:
  • Industry Choice – The framework allows individual sectors within the industry to train their apprentices according to their needs, rather than the broad-based and more generalised training regimen now in use. Industry specificity will result in better training for specific careers.
  • Practical Application – Industry driven apprenticeships will result in new apprentices with experience in practical applications above and beyond the book knowledge necessary to pass an exam. This will produce apprentices ready to go to work right away.
  • Reduced Risk – Government acceptance of the framework gives organisations such as the Institute of Refrigeration a greater role in reducing the environmental risks associated with the cooling industry. These organisations are the experts capable of applying training standards to evolving technology in order to reduce risk. They are far more effective in doing so than government bureaucrats are.
  • Icecool Trailers welcomes the new framework as a starting point for training the next generation of engineers and technicians that will carry our business through the next several decades. Our refrigerated trailer rental business model will certainly benefit from highly skilled workers that have been properly trained according to the specifications of our industry.
Refrigeration Specialities

The easiest way to understand the ramifications of the new apprenticeship framework is to liken it to medical specialities. All medical students go through the same introductory medical training before heading off to training for their individual specialities. That speciality training then prepares a surgeon for one kind of work and the GP for another. Similarly, apprenticeship training for the refrigeration industry will be more specialised.

Companies such as ours will benefit in that we will be able to hire apprentices that have been specifically trained to work with the types of portable refrigeration equipment we rent. Our engineers and technicians will be ready to hit the ground running, more than capable of maintaining our equipment to the highest standards. Further up the ladder, there will be other engineers designing the refrigerated trailers and walk-in freezers of the future, utilising the latest technologies and cutting-edge science.


The future of the refrigeration industry looks bright thanks to the adoption of the new apprenticeship framework. As we wait to see how it all unfolds, Icecool Trailers will continue to service our customers throughout London and beyond with affordable refrigerated trailer rental. We offer several different sizes of refrigerated trailers, freezer trailers, and walk-in freezers and cold rooms. Each of our units is delivered directly to the customer's site and set up by our trained technicians. Please contact Icecool Trailers for a quote; we rent equipment on both a contract and emergency basis.


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