Temporary Freezer Units: Perfect for Glastonbury

temporary freezer units for hire

A Pilton pub owner has spent the slower winter season developing a brand-new menu of light meals to be served in his establishment. The addition of new food items has helped his business grow, so now he is looking at participating as a vendor at Glastonbury 2015. Whether or not he can make a go of it depends on how much food he thinks he can realistically sell. If he cannot sell what he brings, can it still be salvaged? Yes, if the pub owner takes advantage of temporary freezer units supplied by a company such as Icecool Trailers

The annual Glastonbury Festival brings out hundreds of thousands of people as well as the hundreds of vendors offering everything from a cold beer to a hot sandwich to festival memorabilia. Vendors in the food service sector have to be very careful to make sure they do not lose products to food spoilage over the five-day event. The pub owner we spoke about has some particular concerns as a brand-new vendor attending Glastonbury for the first time.

First-time vendors can have a difficult time estimating how much food they will need to take with them. A temporary freezer unit makes it possible to overestimate without dire consequences. In the event that the vendor does not use all of the food he had planned to, it is simply transported back to his permanent location for future use. No harm done.


Of course, temporary freezer units are just one possibility. Companies such as ours also offer refrigerated trailers for cold storage of those food supplies vendors are confident they will use up. We can deliver a trailer right to the vendor's location, set it up, and have it running before deliveries arrive. Then we will return at the end of the festival to retrieve the empty trailer. It is simple, efficient, and very cost-effective.

Making Good so Much Better

One of the best parts of living in England is the opportunity to take advantage of so many great festivals like Glastonbury. Yet we cannot help but wonder how good these events would be without access to portable cold storage. The music would still be great, no doubt, but the food choices would certainly be limited. Portable cold storage makes a good event that much better by offering great food at the same time.

Icecool Trailers has been providing temporary freezer units and refrigerated trailers throughout England and South Wales for the better part of 20 years. We are proud to provide reliable service for emergencies, one-off events, or long-term rental. Whether you need a walk-in cold room for a renovation project in the Thames Valley or a short-term freezer trailer for a catering event in London, we have the equipment you need.


We take all of the hassle out of cold storage rental by providing free delivery and pickup. We also maintain all of our equipment through our in-house staff of expert technicians. One call to our office is all it takes to dispatch repair service in the event something goes wrong with your unit. Our technicians are available for call out 24 hours a day.

Are you planning to visit Glastonbury 2015? If so, take a minute to think about all of those temporary freezer units and refrigerators keeping the food cold. Without them, you would be packing your own lunch.