Why Refrigerated Trailers Are Better Than Vans

Mobile refrigeration hire

Those of you who are unfamiliar with mobile refrigeration probably don’t know the difference between refrigerated trailers and refrigerated vans, let alone which is the best for your business. So before we go into which is better, let’s define them:

Refrigerated trailers

Refrigerated trailers are standalone refrigeration units. They are delivered by tow by another vehicle, such as a car or a small van, and this vehicle disconnects the trailer where it is needed. The trailer then runs off mains power, or a portable generator.

Refrigerated vans

Refrigerated vans are vans with refrigeration built in. So the cargo space that would be filled with tools if it were a handyman’s is instead kitted out with refrigeration. The van is simply parked where it is needed, and it can run off itself or a mains power supply.


Which is best?

We’re of the opinion that refrigerated trailers are superior to refrigerated vans in the vast majority of cases. There are a three key reasons for this:

  1. Refrigerated trailers offer more refrigerated space per square foot

Parking a huge refrigerated van at events or manoeuvring a van during relocation can be an absolute nightmare. They are just too big. Refrigerated trailers on the other hand have a much smaller footprint – without sacrificing refrigerated space. Our refrigerated trailers for example are just 2.4 or 3.0-metres long (freezer and fridge) which is shorter than a Ford Transit LWB van (3.30m), but you get a lot more refrigerated space per square foot.

  1. Refrigerated trailers offer greater business agility; anyone can tow them!

Anybody who has a category B (car and small vehicle) driver’s licence can tow a small trailer so long as the trailer weighs no more than 750kg or the trailer + towing vehicle weighs no more than 3.5 tonnes together. Refrigerated trailers + a tow vehicle usually dip under this Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM), which means businesses aren’t hindered when it comes to transporting their goods, because anybody with a driver’s license can perform the tow.

  1. Pound-for-pound, refrigerated trailers cost less to hire

Speaking from experience, a 2-week hire for a refrigerated trailer is some £100 or more less than hiring a refrigerated van. This is a significant cost saving. Furthermore, you will be paying for the fuel in the tow vehicle, not the van. So you have maximum control over the potential fuel economy. When you factor this advantage in to the two mentioned above, it’s easy to see why we rate refrigerated trailers so highly. They really are that much better!

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