Natural Refrigeration and Refrigerated Trailer Rental

refrigerated trailer rental by Icecool Trailers of Berkshire

The team here at Icecool Trailers focuses all of our energies on the services we provide, including refrigerated trailer rental for both planned events and emergencies. We do not spend a lot of time talking about cutting-edge technologies such as natural refrigeration. However, that does not mean these technologies do not affect us. They do, and they will continue to do so as long as we are in the refrigeration business.

So what exactly is natural refrigeration? Moreover, how does it affect the refrigerated trailer rental business? Let us explore these two questions for the purposes of understanding where our industry may be heading in the future.

Natural Refrigeration

natural refrigeration

Natural refrigeration is more of a concept than an actual product or function. It is the idea of using natural, environmentally friendly refrigerants to provide the cold storage we need without causing unnecessary risk to the environment. Two of the primary natural refrigerants being worked on right now are carbon dioxide and water. Making these refrigerants viable and cost-effective requires advanced compressor and ejector technology.

That technology is advancing faster than regulatory evolution and industry training standards. As such, technology developers are working with industry leaders and policy makers to try to get everyone up to speed. The faster this is accomplished, the faster we will see carbon dioxide and water become refrigerants of choice.

How It Affects Us

Icecool Trailers must adhere to all UK and EU laws governing our industry. For example, every refrigerated trailer rental we put to use is preceded by a thorough inspection of the associated equipment to ensure there are no leaks that could pose environmental or safety hazards. We are liable if we rent equipment that is later deemed potentially unsafe.

Natural refrigeration affects us inasmuch as we must also comply with all laws regarding refrigerants used. When updated regulations outlaw particular kinds of refrigerants, we can only continue using those refrigerants in existing systems that are not in need of repair or upgrading. As soon as a repair or upgrade is necessary, older equipment must either be adapted for use with new refrigerants or replaced altogether.

The refrigerated trailer rental of the future will eventually be influenced by natural refrigeration technologies. We can easily foresee the day when carbon dioxide is a cost effective and viable refrigerant used as commonly as some of the older refrigerants of days gone by. When that day arrives, Icecool Trailers will be obliged to begin the upgrade process as old equipment is replaced with new.

This is not a bad thing, by the way, and it is the least we can do to meet our social responsibility of environmental protection. Just as we work very hard to protect the environment within the current legal framework, we will continue to do so even as natural refrigeration becomes more common.

Icecool Trailers is here to serve you by meeting your temporary refrigeration needs. We provide refrigerated trailer rental throughout most of England and South Wales, including two-hour emergency service within the Greater London area. Please contact us for trailers and walk-in rooms, providing both refrigeration and freezer capacity. We would be happy to set you up with reliable and affordable Icecool service.


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