Man Running with Chiller Strapped to Back

modular cold rooms and chillers

Mobile chillers have a variety of uses, including raising money for charity!

Tunstill was inspired by another former soldier who managed to complete the London marathon while carrying a full-size washing machine. The 37-year-old father of four originally intended to run last year's race in full Army gear to raise money for a local charity. However, he was advised not to do so after the killing of soldier Lee Rigby in May 2013, providing more motivation for this year's challenge.

The chiller he will be using has been mounted to a special rucksack meant to hold it securely in place. Tunstill says he is concerned less about the weight and more about how unruly it will be over the course of 10 kilometres. Although he has already been training with the appliance, there is no way to know for sure how things will turn out. Still, that hasn't stopped a number of sponsors from helping him raise money by paying to place their logos on the chiller.

Tunstill continues to accept donations from anyone who wants to help support the Pendleside Hospice. He chose the charity because he has friends and family members that have already benefited from their work. He hopes to raise hundreds of pounds by the time he crosses the finish line.

Creativity for Cause

We offer our congratulations and best wishes to Mr Tunstill as he seeks to raise money for a very good cause. We are challenged by his creativity and his willingness to attempt such a difficult feat. Here at Icecool trailers, we know what it is like to persevere in difficult situations.

Our portable refrigeration solutions are designed to help our clients maintain a refrigerated environment when it would be otherwise impossible. For example, we rent refrigerator and freezer trailers when an emergency has knocked out existing units. Our emergency delivery system allows us to deliver a portable refrigeration solution to your location within 2 to 4 hours, as long as you are located within our local delivery area.


Emergencies aside, we also provide cold rooms for festivals, weddings, and all sorts of planned events. Our cold rooms can provide walk-in cooling or freezing inside your building thanks to the modular design of our units. A freezer or cold room is delivered to your location as separate panels, carried inside through any standard door opening, assembled, and connected to your electrical system. In a very short amount of time, you can have all of the refrigerator and freezer space you need.

We deliver and collect all our mobile refrigeration options; we cover most of southern England, south Wales and the Midlands. See areas covered for more information.

We wish Mr Tunstill all the luck in the world to complete his run on June 22. Perhaps someday he might try the race again, this time with a refrigerator trailer in tow?

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