Inverness Athlete to Train Using Walk-In Freezer Unit

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We have seen walk-in freezer units put to use in very creative ways. Most of our clients use them to freeze food, although we have also seen them used for frozen storage of medical supplies, temperature sensitive chemicals, and even highly sensitive industrial components. What we have never seen is a walk-in freezer used as a training device for an athlete. However, that is exactly what a former Commonwealth Games athlete from Inverness plans to do.


According to the BBC, cyclist and marathon runner Roddy Riddle plans to participate in a 230 km (193 mile) race through the Arctic region of Sweden in February. The race is just one of many sponsored by a competitive foot racing organisation known as Beyond the Ultimate.

When Riddle sets foot on the Kungsleden Trail for the first time next February, he could be looking at temperatures near -30° C. What's more, for the duration of the race he will be carrying everything he needs to survive in the Arctic cold: food, water, sleeping bag, safety equipment, and running gear. Not only will Riddle have to be able to withstand the cold temperatures, he will also have to be well prepared in the strength and endurance departments.

In order to prepare for the temperatures, Riddle will be subjecting himself for extended periods in commercial walk-in freezer units. He hopes that by acclimatising himself to the cold in this way, he will be better able to withstand the toll the temperatures will take on his body during the race. Although walk-in freezers do not match the Arctic temperatures perfectly, spending extended amounts of time in sub-freezing temperatures will help Riddle somewhat.

Walk-In Freezers for You

Icecool Trailers has not been contacted and asked to provide a walk-in freezer for Beyond the Ultimate training. Nonetheless, we do get requests every day from customers who need temporary cold storage for their commercial kitchen, catered event, or private gathering. We specialise in providing walk-in cold rooms and freezers that do not require loading docks or overhead doors to complete delivery.

Our walk-in freezers are different inasmuch as they are delivered as a series of panels that can be easily carried through a standard sized door. We then assemble the unit on site in the space provided by the customer. Finally, the walk-in freezer or cold room is connected to the existing electrical system. In no time at all our client is off and running with the cold storage space they need.

You may not need a walk-in freezer in order to train for an endurance race in Sweden. However, if you did, we could provide it with just one phone call. Icecool Trailers has been providing walk-in cold rooms and trailers throughout London, the Thames Valley, and most of England and Wales for more than 20 years. We offer two-hour delivery within the Greater London area and same-day delivery in most other locales. For more information, contact us on 01635 250 950 at your leisure. We would be happy to answer all of your questions or make arrangements for delivery of your trailer or walk-in cold room.


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