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How Refrigeration Has Changed the Way We Look at Food

Icecool Trailers - 19-May-2015
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As we work our way toward summer, we at Icecool Trailers are expecting to work our fair share of weddings, outdoor festivals, corporate gatherings, etc. Even now, we are preparing our fleet of refrigerated trailers, freezers, and walk-in cold rooms so that we are ready for any contingency. As we prepare, however, we cannot help but wonder how refrigeration has changed the way we look at food. A little research yields some interesting results.

It is probably safe to say that we take refrigeration for granted in the modern era. While primitive forms of refrigeration did offer some benefits in the days of old, preserving food by keeping it cold was not the norm. Therefore, there was a greater emphasis on eating foods that were as fresh as possible. Such is not the case today.

Older Methods of Preservation

Refrigeration is by no means the only method of preserving food. Prior to the invention of modern refrigeration, people used a variety of other ways to preserve what they could. For example, meats were cured through dehydration, smoking, or salting. We still cure some meats today. However, there is nothing like throwing a non-cured piece of meat onto the barbecue or into the oven using a family recipe passed down over multiple generations. Refrigeration makes that possible.

Another old method of food preservation is that of pickling. And, of course, people have been canning fruits and vegetables for hundreds of years. So how has refrigeration changed the way we look at food? By giving us the opportunity to enjoy food products that might not necessarily be fresh but, through the use of refrigeration, still taste as they were intended to for lack of being preserved through curing, pickling or canning.

Temporary Refrigeration

Refrigeration has also changed our shopping habits. Consider that most of our grandparents likely went down to the market or local shop on a daily basis to get the day's meat, a few vegetables and fruits, and some dairy products. People got to know the vendors by name because they saw them every day. Vendors also got to know their customers, including each of their preferences for the products they sold.

Today, shopping for food is a much more impersonal process. Refrigeration has enabled the establishment of supermarkets which, in turn, make it possible for us purchase enough food to last for a week. We no longer know our grocers the way our grandparents did.

Part of Progress

None of this is to say that modern refrigeration is a bad thing. It's not. In fact, refrigeration is just one part of the progress we have made over the last 100 years or so. It is not bad; it is just different. Moreover, if it were not for modern refrigeration, companies such as ours would not exist.

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