What can you store in a refrigerated trailer?

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If you’re thinking about hiring a refrigerated trailer - either for your hospitality business or catering purposes - you might be curious about just what exactly you’re able to store in the trailer safely. After all, the aim of a refrigerated trailer is to free up space and keep all food items at a safe or optimal temperature, so you’ll want to ensure that you’re opting for one that best suits your needs.

The truth is, refrigerated trailers can be used to store almost any perishable item,from food and drink to even certain medical supplies. In this blog, we’re going to go into some more detail about what you can (and can’t!) store in your trailer. Let’s take a look!

What is a refrigerated trailer?

A refrigerated trailer is a temperature-controlled storage space that can be used in any commercial setting to store food and drink. You can hire refrigerated trailers for indoor use (for example, as a walk-in space in a hotel, restaurant or bar) or you can opt for mobile trailers for outdoors events.

What can you store in a refrigerated trailer

What you can store in your trailer will depend on which type of trailer you opt for; at Ice Cool Trailers, we offer both refrigerated trailers and freezer trailers, so you can decide which option is best depending on the needs of your business. In general, you can store the following items in a refrigerated trailer:

Meat and seafood

When handling meat or seafood products, it’s incredibly important to ensure that you’re storing them at an appropriate, safe temperature. Failure to do so can allow bacteria and harmful pathogens to multiply, meaning that you could end up serving guests unsafe, or even dangerous food. This could end up damaging your business’ reputation and costing you customers at the same time.

Meat and fish products can be kept in a refrigerated trailer safely, provided that they’re already chilled on arrival. The same goes for any frozen meat and seafood items; ensure they’re at their ideal storage temperature when they arrive, and the trailer will maintain this temperature during the length of your event.

Alcoholic drinks

One highly popular use for refrigerated trailers is as a storage space for alcoholic or other non-alcoholic chilled beverages. After all, there’s nothing appetising about serving a glass of lukewarm wine, nor a can of room temperature coca-cola! Refrigerated trailers are incredibly popular for drinks storage when it comes to outdoor events, weddings, and other large scale events. These trailers are also perfect for outdoor summer events where drinks tend to be flowing all day and night, from festivals to concerts.

Baking ingredients and pre-prepared items

If you’re a caterer working on-site in a venue, you might have limited space when it comes to storing any perishable baking ingredients, such as cream, milk, or other dairy products. You may also want to pre-prepare certain food items beforehand to save time (such as delicate desserts) without having to leave them at room temperature or cram them into a small fridge. With the help of a refrigerated trailer, you can expand your storage space and streamline your operations while on the job.

Some medical supplies

While this is certainly a rarer form of use, refrigerated trailers can also often be used to store certain medical supplies. For example, vaccines and other temperature-sensitive medications can be kept in cold rooms and cold trailers when suppliers are looking to create pop-up vaccine stations. However, a medical-grade trailer would be necessary for those looking to store medical supplies.

What can’t you store in a refrigerated trailer?

If you’re hiring a refrigerated trailer (as opposed to a freezer trailer) it’s important that your items aren’t frozen; unless you’re storing food items with the intent of thawing them safely, frozen items will defrost. If you’re looking to store frozen items, a freezer trailer is your best option.

Similarly, it’s important to note that when using a freezer trailer, the items that you plan on storing inside must already be frozen before being placed in the trailer. The purpose of a freezer trailer isn’t to freeze chilled items, but rather keep all frozen items at a safe temperature.

Using a refrigerated trailer: dos and don’ts

Do keep the doors closed where possible

In order to protect your food items from perishing due to varying temperatures, do your best to ensure that all doors are kept closed where possible. Always keep the trailer locked and closed when not in use - this is especially important during summer months, when outdoor temperatures rise and food items can perish more easily.

Do ensure correct placement

When it comes to the placement of your trailer, you’re going to want to ensure that you pick a flat, stable surface that allows catering staff to move freely between the trailer and the venue - especially if they’re going to be carrying heavy bottles or delicate food items. At Ice Cool Trailers, we can provide assistance in setting up your trailer where necessary.

Refrigerated and freezer hire

At Ice Cool Trailers, we provide freezer trailer hire and refrigerated trailer hire for all businesses and commercial needs. Whether you’re a bar or restaurant looking to expand your storage space during peak periods, or an event planner hosting an outdoor wedding, our trailers are transported to your venue by us, and picked up by us when you no longer need them.

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