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Fridge trailers for events and shows

Icecool Trailers - 08-Oct-2015
fridge trailers for events and shows

Weddings, exhibitions, concerts, parties and other events and shows all require a food source. How else is everybody going to get fed and keep their energy levels going? Picnics?

We don’t think so.

Many local businesses rely on events and shows to make a living by selling food and drink, which is why event organisers usually allocate spaces for them and ensure that they are well looked after. One thing to consider if you are a catering business attending an event soon, however, is how you are going to keep all of your stock refrigerated.

Keeping food and drink refrigerated is essential for hygiene reasons, but also for customer satisfaction reasons – who wants to be handed a warm bottle of pop, really?

Challenges arise when events do not provide refrigeration solutions themselves and where this is the case, it’s easy to write such events off your list and move onto the next.

But you don’t have to, because you can refrigerate all of your food and drink cost-effectively simply by hiring a fridge trailer from ourselves.

Hiring a fridge trailer from us is fantastic for business

Imagine, if you will, a portable refrigeration solution for your business that takes your business’s needs into account and puts you in complete control. That is what we are offering with our refrigeration service, and we go way beyond simply handing over the keys.

We will find the right portable refrigeration solution for you by determining the correct size of trailer you need. To do this we will take into account the amount of produce that needs refrigerating, and how long you will need to have the trailer for.

We will then deliver your trailer to any event and set it up for you, to ensure it works properly, and we will even take the trailer away for you when you no longer need it.

Crucially, we have fridge trailers that do not need a mains power supply. Instead, our trailers can run off portable generators, and this is one of the key advantages to working with us as it increases your flexibility as to which events and shows you can attend.

Here’s what our fridge hire solutions can do for you:

  • Increase your availability and ability to attend events and shows;
  • Attend shows farther afield without worrying about stock longevity;
  • Increase the amount of refrigerated stock you can take to an event;
  • Boost your own flexibility and attend one event or show right after another;
  • Leapfrog the competition and attend events without a power source;
  • Benefit from low-cost fridge hire rates and flexible hire periods.

We have helped many businesses in London, Birmingham and Cardiff expand their event and show attendances with our fridge trailer hire services, and we can do the very same for you without it costing the earth and eating into your profits.

Find out more about our fridge trailer hire solutions today by calling us on 01635 250 950.

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