Efficiency Tips for Commercial Refrigeration Units

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You have probably heard people say that you can save energy and money at home by turning off your fridge for short periods. As the thinking goes, both your refrigerator and freezer are well insulated to the point that they can maintain a constant temperature for a time even while turned off or unplugged. Believe it or not, the same thinking is beginning to make its way to commercial refrigeration. However, it is faulty thinking that should be ignored.

As with residential refrigeration equipment, refrigerated trailers and walk-in freezers are not intended to be powered down. Keep in mind that compressors and coolants are affected by ambient temperatures outside the units, regardless of whether or not the day are turned on. Turning off a refrigerator or freezer will result in compressors and coolants warming which, in turn, will cause compressors to activate as soon as the unit is turned back on. The refrigerator or freezer will be circulating cool air for a time, even if the internal temperature is within intended parameters.

Even though turning off your commercial refrigeration units will not save any energy, there are things you can do that will. Here are a few tips to consider for trailers and walk-in units:

1. Temperature Control – Every commercial refrigeration unit is designed to be operated at an optimal temperature according to one of four classifications. Check the documentation that came with your unit or the label affixed to the compressor. This will tell you the classification and optimal temperature. As long as your thermostat is set accordingly, you are good to go.

2. Air Circulation – One of the keys to effective and efficient refrigeration is air circulation. Leave a little space behind items placed on shelves, as well as near the ceiling, to promote air circulation. If you must store items on the floor, use pallets that will allow air to flow underneath.

3. Ventilation – Believe it or not, proper ventilation is necessary to affect the exchange of air within the refrigeration unit. Make sure to regularly clean ventilation units to make sure these are free of dirt, dust, and debris. Anything that can block ventilation will reduce the efficiency of your unit.

Routine maintenance of refrigerated trailers and walk-in rooms will ensure maximum energy efficiency. When you arrange for your temporary freezer or fridge rental through us, we handle all of the maintenance issues for you. Any issues that may arise outside of our normal maintenance schedule can be addressed simply by calling us and requesting a call-out service.

Saving You Time and Money

For more than 20 years, Icecool Trailers has been saving our customers time and money by providing reliable temporary refrigeration for both planned events and emergencies. We offer only top-of-the-line equipment that is maintained to our own meticulous standards.

Please contact us for more information about freezer and refrigerated trailers, and walk-in cold rooms and freezers. Our units are available for long- and short-term rentals, for a variety of industries including food service, medical, technology, and hospitality. We provide service throughout most of southern England and Wales, including the Thames Valley and the Greater London area. Two-hour emergency service is available in London, as well.