Choosing Between a Trailer and Walk-in Chiller

Picture of a Walk-In Chiller and a Refrigerated Trailer

Temporary refrigeration comes in all shapes and sizes, and as an alternative to refrigerated van hire, we offer both trailers and walk-in chillers. We believe both offer benefits that far outweigh refrigerated vans in every respect - but that’s not the point of this post. Rather, we want to help potential customers better understand how to choose between a trailer and walk-in chiller. Let’s take a look.

What is a Trailer?

A trailer is essentially a portable refrigerator or freezer built onto a trailer frame. We deliver by towing the unit with a truck. We park the trailer in your designated location, level and stabilise it, install shelving, and connect it to your power supply. We then return to pick up the trailer once you are finished with it.

What is a Chiller?

A walk-in chiller, or freezer if need be, is designed to be used inside your building. We deliver the unit as a set of panels that are then assembled on site. As such, you do not need a commercial loading bay to rent one of these chillers from us. We can carry the panels through any door, then assemble the unit and get it up and running in whatever location you desire. For more info on how it all works, take a look at our blog on site preparation for freezer rental.

Choosing the Right Unit

When it comes to selecting the ideal cold storage solution, understanding the specific benefits and limitations of each option is key. At Icecool Trailers we offer both trailers and walk-in chillers, each suited to different needs and scenarios. If you find yourself uncertain about which option to choose, our knowledgeable account managers are ready to assist you in making the best decision for your situation. Here’s an overview:

Advantages of Trailers

External Cold Storage Preference If you prefer to have your cold storage unit outside, a trailer is an excellent choice. It allows you to keep the cold storage separate from your main building, which can be beneficial in certain settings.

Space Constraints

For businesses or events with limited indoor space, trailers offer a practical solution. They do not require any indoor area and can be easily situated in available outdoor spaces.

Generator Use

Trailers are particularly advantageous if you plan to use a generator to power your unit. This is especially useful in locations without direct access to a reliable power source.

Outdoor Events

If you're looking for mobile refrigerator rental UK for an outdoor event, trailers provide the flexibility and mobility needed to ensure your refrigeration needs are met, regardless of the venue.

Construction or Renovation

During periods of construction or renovation, trailers can provide temporary cold storage without disrupting the ongoing work inside your building.

Portable Refrigeration for Caterers

Caterers often need portable refrigeration solutions. Trailers offer the mobility and convenience required to transport chilled goods to various event locations efficiently.

Advantages of Walk-In Chillers

inside a mobile cold storage

Interior Cold Storage Preference If you prefer your cold storage to be indoors, a walk-in chiller is the way to go. This option integrates seamlessly into your existing indoor space, providing easy access and convenience.

Security Concerns

For those with security concerns, indoor walk-in chillers offer peace of mind. They are less vulnerable to tampering or theft compared to units stored outside.

Ease of Access

Walk-in chillers provide more accessible cold storage. They are often located closer to the main work area, reducing the time and effort required to retrieve stored items.

Long-Term Rental

If you’re considering a long-term rental, walk-in chillers can be more suitable. They are designed for more permanent installations and can better accommodate extended usage.

Adequate Indoor Space

If you have the extra indoor space to accommodate a walk-in unit, this option can be very effective. It allows for a larger storage capacity and can be integrated into your workflow more seamlessly.

Parking Constraints

If parking space is limited and cannot accommodate a trailer, a walk-in chiller becomes the practical solution. It eliminates the need for outdoor space and parking considerations.

Flexibility in Cold Storage Solutions

At Icecool Trailers, we understand that different situations call for different solutions. This is why we offer both trailers and walk-in rooms, catering to the diverse needs of our clients. Furthermore, we provide multiple sizes for each configuration, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your specific requirements. Our goal is to offer our customers as much flexibility as possible, ensuring that whether you need a temporary or long-term cold storage solution, we have you covered.

Let's Talk about Your Needs

Hopefully we have given you plenty to think about as you consider your need for temporary cold storage. If you have questions, let us talk. Icecool Trailers is here to provide you with the right solution.

Please know that we provide our trailers and walk-in rooms for both pre-scheduled events and emergencies. Our emergency service includes delivery in the Greater London area within hours of your initial call. We strive for same-day delivery in all of our other service series. Icecool Trailers is proud to serve London, most of southern England, and select portions of South Wales.

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