How to Prepare Your Site for Freezer Trailer Rental

Picture of a Prepared Site for a Freezer Trailer

One of the benefits of renting a freezer or fridge trailer from Icecool Trailers is that we handle delivery, set-up, and retrieval for you. You worry about none of that. Your only responsibility is to contact us to arrange for delivery and the rental term. We will make sure your unit is delivered where you need it, when you need it. Having said all that, you can make the delivery and set-up process easier by preparing your site prior to our arrival.

With the busy season fast approaching, we thought it might be helpful to spend a bit of time explaining what goes into site preparation. Note that this applies to both fridge and freezer trailer rental. It does not apply to walk-in chillers and freezers, as these have separate needs exclusive to interior space constraints.

Choose a Level Site

The first thing you can do to help us is evaluate exactly where you want the trailer located. The ground does not have to be perfectly level, but it does need to be as flat and level as possible. If the site you select is found to have too steep a gradient, we may not be able to safely set up the trailer.

All of this is to ask you to choose the site wisely. The flatter and more level it is the easier set-up will be. You will also have fewer worries over instability during the rental term.

Make the Site Accessible

Next, whatever site you choose should be freely accessible to our delivery vehicle. We should be able to pull up quite closely before detaching the trailer and manoeuvring it into its final position. As such, anything that might impede safe and efficient delivery should be temporarily moved. Clear the site of tables, chairs, displays, rubbish bins, and the like.

Ensure that Mains Power is Accessible

Although fridge and freezer trailer rental from Icecool Trailers is generator-compatible, most of our clients run their trailers from mains power. We assume that will be the case for you as well. As such, make sure that mains power is easily accessible. We provide the cables, but it would be ideal if the socket we are plugging into was within 50 to 75 metres. Note that our trailers require standard 13-amp power outlets.

As a side note, you will need to make sure your site has plenty of open space around it should you have need to run the trailer off a generator. Neither you nor we want to run a generator in an area without sufficient ventilation, for obvious reasons.

The busy season for fridge and freezer trailer rental is nearly upon us. If you are in need of temporary cold storage, we invite you to check out our trailers. We believe trailer service beats refrigerated van hire in nearly every respect, and we are prepared to prove it with one of our units. We service London, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, and most of southern England and South Wales.