The Role of Freezer Trailer Rental in a Zero-Waste Kitchen

Picture of Kitchen Fridge Trailer Rental

Is a zero-waste commercial kitchen really possible in the modern restaurant industry? Perhaps not, but there are some who believe pursuing a zero-waste strategy could go a long way toward eliminating unnecessary food waste by teaching restaurant owners and kitchen staff how to better use the resources at hand. As long as restaurants are pursuing a zero-waste goal, we believe an important part of the overall strategy is access to refrigerator and freezer trailer rental.

A SmartBrief piece written in early December by Torrey Kim details four different ways food is wasted in commercial kitchens. Among them is failing refrigerators and freezers. One of the people Kim interviewed for her piece, Silo's Douglas McMaster, noted that refrigeration and freezer malfunction is a normal part of the restaurant industry.

McMaster pointed out that while cold storage failure is rare, it does lead to food waste as a result of spoilage. McMaster explained that "unless there is a pickup for spoiled food, this waste will remain." We would suggest otherwise. We would suggest that emergency refrigerator or freezer trailer rental can reduce the likelihood that food will have to be discarded due to spoilage.

Emergency Service within Hours

Like a residential refrigerator or freezer, commercial cold storage units can keep products sufficiently cold for at least a couple hours following failure as long as doors remain closed. A couple of hours is all Icecool Trailers needs to deliver an emergency refrigerator or freezer within our local service area.

That local service area includes the Greater London region and select areas beyond. Should a restaurant experience a cold storage failure, we have procedures in place that make it possible for us to deliver a refrigerator or freezer solution within 2 to 4 hours. Actual delivery times vary depending on location.

Preparing before the Emergency

So, how does knowing this help restaurant owners? By offering them a way to be prepared in the event of emergency. As with anything else, making preparations ahead of time minimises the negative impacts of an emergency. Things are not any different just because we are talking cold storage.

Any restaurant owner can contact Icecool Trailers to inquire about refrigerator and freezer trailer rental. We will furnish information about rates, unit sizes, unit types, and even the difference between refrigerated van hire and trailers.

Armed with the necessary information, the restaurant owner can then keep our phone number on hand. All it would take is a quick call to Icecool Trailers should a refrigerator or freezer fail. We would have a technician on the way with a trailer in no time at all.

The zero-waste kitchen is probably a lofty target that will never be fully achieved. Nonetheless, working toward a zero-waste goal will still eliminate unnecessary food waste. To that end, we believe refrigerator and freezer trailer rental has a significant role to play in every commercial kitchen – especially in those striving to be waste-free.


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