You Might Soon Need Cold Room Hire

Cold Room Hire

Icecool Trailers offers cold room hire for both planned events and emergency needs. In terms of those emergency requirements, it is not unusual for clients to remark that they were not expecting their permanent units to fail. That's generally the way emergencies work. If we knew failure was imminent, most of us would make the effort to prevent it.

It turns out that there are signs you can look for that would tell you refrigeration failure was just around the corner. So in an effort to help our clients be better prepared, here are five signs that suggest you might soon need cold room hire from Icecool Trailers:

5 Signs That You Might Soon Need Cold Room Hire

1. A Hot Running Compressor

A tell-tale sign that the motor on your commercial fridge or freezer is working harder than it needs to is excessive heat. Just walk over and cautiously touch your hand to the motor. If it is running hot, turn off the unit to allow the motor to cool down before turning it back on. If the motor quickly returns to running hot, failure may be imminent.

2. Excessive Condensation

A little condensation on the exterior of your refrigeration unit is normal every now and again. If you notice excessive condensation that lingers for more than a few hours, it could be that your unit is not cooling properly. Check the seals around the doors to make sure you are not losing cold. Also check the interior for condensation inside. Interior condensation suggests that either the compressor isn't working properly or internal temperature controls are not correctly telling the compressor when to turn on and shut off.

3. Inexplicable Spoilage

Leaving any food in a refrigerator or cold room for too long is just asking for spoilage. However, rapid and inexplicable spoilage could mean that your refrigeration unit is not keeping food consistently cold. This can happen even if the unit seems to be working properly. Inexplicable spoilage suggests you need cold room hire right away, at least until you work out why the spoilage is occurring.

4. The Unit Is No Longer Defrosting

Modern refrigerators and freezers have automatic defrosting capabilities built-in. If yours are not defrosting properly, you will notice ice build-up in various places on the interior. Regular ice build-up is often a precursor to cold room hire.

5. You Hear Unusual Noises

Commercial refrigeration units are not the quietest things in the world, but the sounds they make should be consistent and unobtrusive as long as a unit is in good working condition. If your refrigerator or freezer unit starts making unusual sounds that persists for more than just a few minutes, there could be something wrong with the motor or condenser.

You can be more attuned to potential refrigeration failure if you get to know your units well enough to recognise when something does not seem right. In the event of failure, call Icecool Trailers for fast and affordable cold room hire.

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