What to Do If Your Walk-In Chiller Starts Acting Up

Picture of a Walk-in Chiller

We frequently provide service to clients who have walk-in chillers on site, chillers that suddenly start acting up for no apparent reason. They call on us when it becomes apparent that their units are in need of repair. We respond by delivering a temporary walk-in chiller or fridge trailer.

In an effort to help our regular blog readers make the most of their resources, we felt it might be interesting to discuss what to do when a walk-in chiller starts acting up. Following the steps listed below will give you a better idea of whether or not you have anything to worry about. In the event your unit does need repair, feel free to contact us for a temporary replacement.

1. Check the Temperature First

A walk-in chiller should maintain a consistent temperature that is determined by your thermostat setting. You first need to know if the temperature is too high or too low. That tells you where to go next. The temperature will be too high in most cases, indicating there may be something wrong with the mechanics.

2. Check to See If There's Power

Assuming the temperature is too high, this could suggest that your walk-in chiller isn't getting power. So, is the compressor running? When you enter the unit, does the light go on? No power getting to the chiller could mean a blown fuse or problems with your electrical service.

3. Look for Ice Build-Up

Look inside the chiller for any ice build-up on the ceiling or in the corners. Ice build-up indicates that something is inhibiting heat transfer. This means your chiller isn't working as efficiently as it should. There could be a problem with your compressor, the heat exchanger, or even the coolant lines.

4. Check the Condenser Coil

If you're capable of locating the condenser, take a look at the coil. A dirty coil can prevent the dispersal of heat as coolant flows through the system. A quick cleaning may be all that's necessary to get things back to normal.

5. Check Door Seals

Sometimes high temperatures are the results of door seals that no longer seal tightly. In such a case, you should also notice that the compressor is running more frequently than normal. You might notice that the condenser and evaporator fans don't ever shut off. Replacing the seals could solve your problem.

If none of these things give you any clear indication of the problem, there may be something going on that requires professional help. The next step is to get on the phone and call a repair technician. In the meantime, be prepared for the fact that you might be looking at some significant downtime.

As always, you can give Icecool Trailers a call. We offer fast emergency response throughout our service area. We would be more than happy to dispatch a replacement right away. If you don't have the interior space for a walk-in unit, we can deliver a fridge trailer instead.