Trailers and Walk-In Rooms for Medical Refrigeration

walk-in cold room

When talking about what we do here at Icecool Trailers, the context is often providing temporary refrigeration for food service applications. This is not without reason. The majority of our business involves food service companies, including restaurants and caterers. Yet there is more to what we do than just protecting food from spoilage. Another important part of our business is medical refrigeration that involves refrigerated trailers and walk-in cold rooms.

Why is medical refrigeration so important? Because medical facilities store blood, vaccines and other items that are extremely sensitive to temperature. Preserving inventory and maintaining patient safety requires storage facilities that are maintained at specific temperatures over long periods. A recent case in Australia is a good example of what happens when things go wrong.

Sydney's Royal Prince Alfred Hospital recently announced the potential of minor problems with a number of vaccines after discovering a refrigerator that was not working properly for more than a year. The defective refrigeration unit was not maintaining proper temperatures from as far back as August 2013. As a result, the hospital says that many of the vaccines stored in the unit may not be as effective as they should be, if they work at all.

Officials from the hospital are now in the process of contacting patients who received vaccinations that may have been stored in the defective unit. Patients will be offered free re-vaccinations. They stress that none of the patients are in danger, just that they cannot be guaranteed the effectiveness of the original vaccinations.

Sensitive Medical Environments

It is easy to see from this story how sensitive medical refrigeration environments can be. Just one or two degrees above optimal storage temperature can negatively affect the effectiveness of stored vaccines. Such variations in temperature may not have a drastic effect on food or technology products, but they can be devastating for medical storage.

One of the things we do here at Icecool Trailers is provide temporary trailers and walk-in rooms for medical refrigeration. Our trailers are a good choice for emergencies in which long-term storage will not be needed. The Sydney hospital would be a good example of this type of service. A hospital experiencing a similar problem in London could use one of our trailers for a few days while their permanent unit was repaired and tested.


We also provide long-term walk-in cold rooms to meet the needs of medical facility expansion and renovation. A walk-in room offers the added advantage of interior storage that is more easily accessible by hospital staff. We can set up one of these units wherever a medical facility has adequate space and access to an existing electrical system.


Reliable refrigeration is as important to the medical industry as it is to food service. If you have any need for refrigerated trailers or walk-in rooms for your medical storage, do not hesitate to call Icecool Trailers. We service the Greater London area along with most of England's southern counties including Buckinghamshire, Bristol, Gloucestershire, Surrey, and Oxfordshire.


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