Top tips for getting the most out of your cold room

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Looking after your cold room is pretty easy; give it a good clean every now and then and run a strict sanitising regime, and you will be good to go for the duration of your hire period. To get the most from your cold room, though, a little extra effort is required.

Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your cold room:

  • Do not overstock your cold room: In order for your cold room to refrigerate all produce effectively, the room needs to have good airflow inside. If you overstock your cold room, you are basically limiting the power of the refrigeration unit and you are running the risk of some foods not being cooled quickly enough. This could cause waste and unnecessary expenditure.
  • Do not unplug your cold room for too long: Our cold rooms are extremely efficient so you can unplug them for an hour or so, and your produce will be fine inside. Just don’t forget to plug it back in; cold rooms don’t run on thin air you know!
  • Do not put warm food inside the cold room: Hygiene lesson 101 tells us that storing hot or warm food inside a fridge is a big no-no. The reason you should never do this, is because it will raise the fridges internal temperature. If you must store hot food in your cold room, then we recommend you divide it into smaller portions, or store it in shallow containers so it will chill quickly.
  • Keep the door closed when not in use: It sounds so obvious, yet many people forget to close their cold room’s door after using it, or in-between loading. Our cold rooms do not automatically lock so the effort required to reopen your cold room if you are loading is minimal. If you must keep the door open for a little while, we recommend you leave it ajar rather than fully open, to keep the temperature low.
  • Provide adequate space between the motor and wall: If your cold room is going to be stored next to a wall, ensure that the motor side has adequate ventilation. This is important because it will allow the motor to run as efficiently as possible at all times; when we install your cold room for you, we will do our best to situate it in such a way that there is adequate space to provide sufficient ventilation.

So there we have it – tips for getting the most out of your cold room. If you require a cold room for hire, call us today on 01635 250 950 or fill in our contact form.