Thank the Cold Room for Our Beloved Sandwich

Picture of Sandwich Cold Storage

Late in 2017, the Guardian published a rather lengthy piece paying homage to the beloved British sandwich. Although an exceptionally long read, the article spells out just how the sandwich became one of the most popular foods in our little corner of the world. It made us think about the contribution of cold storage in the development of the sandwich. Suffice to say that we can all thank the cold room to some degree.

Our institutional sandwich industry is worth some £8 billion a year. None of that would be possible without adequate cold storage. Every sandwich shop has to have a cold room for storing those lovely ingredients – bread excepted.

Whether that means a walk-in chiller or series of industrial fridges is less important than the fact that adequate cold storage is available 24 hours a day. Sandwich shop owners cannot afford to be without cold storage, or they risk ruining their businesses entirely. To that end, we supply emergency cold storage in the event a shop's on-site units fail.

All About Convenience

Though it might be hard to imagine, the Guardian piece explains that the British sandwich industry was nearly non-existent some 40 years ago. It wasn't until Marks & Spencer began selling packaged sandwiches back in 1980 that the industry got its start. Fast-forward to 2017 and you find sandwiches just about everywhere.

The Guardian's Sam Knight explained in his piece that it is all about convenience. The modern sandwich industry was born on convenience, it now thrives on convenience, and convenience will most certainly drive its future path. Does that play into cold storage? It definitely does.

In order for the sandwich shop to keep customers happy, there has to be a steady stream of everything from salmon and cucumbers to eggs and cress. Sandwich makers cannot allow themselves to run out of ingredients half-way through the day. Therefore, they rely heavily on their walk-in chillers and industrial fridges. Reliable cold storage is key to maximising convenience.

Knight discovered something amazing during his research, something that illustrated just how important convenience is to the sandwich industry: people will not cross the street to get what might be a better sandwich if there is another sandwich shop on the side of the street they are on. It seems strange, but it is true. So imagine the sandwich shop whose refrigeration goes down. Talk about inconvenience! It could completely ruin the shop owner's day.

Call Us for Temporary Cold Storage

If you own a sandwich shop, you are part of one of the most profitable industries in Britain. Do not put your business at risk by not having an emergency cold storage partner in place. Call Icecool Trailers today to learn more about our emergency service. We can provide a walk-in chiller or a refrigerated or freezer trailer in short order throughout the Greater London area and beyond. And compared to refrigerated van hire – well, there is no comparison.


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