Temporary refrigeration rental solutions for business

Temporary Refrigeration Services

As opposed to other electrical items, refrigerators don’t need to stay on point with the latest technological trends or advancements. However, that doesn’t mean to say they have an everlasting lifespan, as most refrigerators will eventually stop working or suffer a breakdown.
On top of this, the expense of repairing an old refrigerator isn’t always cost-effective, while inefficient units can cost an untold amount of money in utility bills. For this reason, many businesses will need to replace or upgrade their refrigerator for a newer model.
But herein lies another problem. What are you meant to do with everything your refrigerator contains when it comes to swapping old for new? Chances are you won’t have another refrigerator with the capacity to handle an abundance of extra produce or supplies.
You can’t exactly store these items anywhere else either, as they are being refrigerated for a reason. However, there is a solution to this troublesome dilemma – temporary refrigeration rental.

Temporary refrigeration rental from Icecool Trailers

At Icecool Trailers, we can provide you with temporary refrigeration at extremely short notice. In fact due to our geographical position, we can offer a 2-hour deliver to customers in and around London, Cardiff, and Birmingham. Most other regions can benefit from same day delivery if you call us up quickly too.
Even so, if you are planning a refrigeration installation in the near future, simply contact Icecool Trailers ahead of time and we can work together on providing the best solution possible. We want your business to operate as normal during a refrigeration refit and are on hand to provide a range of different options.
You will find that the vast majority of refrigeration engineers will recommended temporary trailers or cold rooms while a refit or servicing takes place. This option is also fully compliant with food and hygiene regulations to guarantee the health and safety of customers.
Temporary cold rooms can be delivered to your location for use indoors or outdoors. After delivery, we will assemble everything for you and double-check it is all running properly. Our fridge and freezer trailers also come equipped with a lockable door, interior lighting, shelving as per your requirements, an access step, and an extension cable.

Book temporary refrigeration rental from Icecool trailers

For more information about temporary refrigeration rental or to receive a fully customised estimate, do not hesitate to contact us via our online enquiry form or telephone number 01635 250 950.