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Temporary Refrigeration for Greenhouse Operations

Icecool Trailers - 10-Jul-2015
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A recent article published in Greenhouse Management magazine caught our eye because it dealt with upgrading refrigeration equipment to improve efficiency and save energy. The article got us thinking about the possible uses for refrigeration in greenhouse operations, leading us to understand that there is an entirely new market for our temporary refrigeration solutions that we had never even thought of. One of our trailers or walk-in rooms could be the perfect solution for a greenhouse operation looking to expand, temporarily handle excessive overhead, or provide cold storage while existing permanent units are replaced or upgraded.

If you are like us, you might be wondering how refrigeration is used by greenhouse operations. Here are just a few examples we uncovered in our research:

  • Retail Product Storage – Greenhouse operations may provide products to retail outlets – products such as fresh-cut flowers, fruits, and vegetables. In extremely hot weather, these products may be subject to damage if too much time lapses between harvest and transport. Products may have to be refrigerated.
  • Supplemental Cooling – Greenhouses produce a tremendous amount of heat by design. Although most greenhouse operations utilise evaporative cooling to control interior temperatures, a grower may have some species of plants that are sensitive to extremely high temperatures. When evaporative cooling is unable to keep up with the heat, those species are temporarily stored in refrigerated areas to protect them.
  • Plant Nutrition – Some large greenhouse operations purchase plant nutrition products in bulk in order to save money. As with some of the species in the greenhouse, nutrition products may not stand up well to high temperatures. Storing these products in a refrigerated space extends their life.

We have listed just three uses of refrigeration for greenhouse operations. Truth be told, we were a bit surprised to find out how extensively refrigeration is used in the greenhouse industry. Now that we know though, we also know that our temporary refrigeration solutions can fill a very specific need for operators.

Mobile Cold Rooms For Hire (1.8 M)

Our 1.8m mobile cold room is ideal for the catering trades where extra cold storage is required, or as temporary cold storage during a refrigeration breakdown. It has an approximate internal cubic capacity of 5 cu metres.

Other Industries We Serve

Icecool Trailers serves the food service industry and, as you now know, the greenhouse industry as well. Nevertheless, other industries can benefit from our solutions as well. As an example, consider technology.

Very few people realise that there are highly sensitive technology products that must be stored in environments where temperature and humidity are crucial. Highly sensitive scientific instruments used to take complex measurements are but one example. We provide temporary refrigeration to technology companies for emergency purposes and planned expansion.

Another industry we are proud to serve is the medical industry. It is not unusual for medical facilities to need temporary refrigeration in order to store blood, medications, tissue samples, and other products. Providing temporary refrigeration for such needs is even more critical given the highly sensitive nature of medical products.

Whether it is food service, education, technology, medicine, or agriculture, Icecool Trailers is proud to have served England and south portions of Wales with reliable equipment and customer service for more than 20 years. We will continue to offer our temporary refrigeration solutions to our many satisfied customers.


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