Food Poisoning More Likely at Home than at a Restaurant

Icecool Trailers

Among the many industries we serve at Icecool Trailers is the restaurant industry. We provide restaurants with portable freezers and refrigerators for catered events, outdoor festivals, and the like. We also provide emergency refrigeration for the restaurant that suffers a mechanical breakdown of owned equipment. Therefore, we know that most restaurants take great care to ensure that both refrigeration and food storage practices are safe and in compliance with regulations. Consumers are more likely to get food poisoning at home than at a restaurant as a result of refrigeration issues.

New research from the consumer website verifies the reality of food poisoning causes. The website surveyed respondents about their food storage and refrigeration practices only to discover that most consumers follow a very haphazard approach to the issue. For example, the research indicates:

  • 34% of Britons have fallen victim to food poisoning home
  • 7% of those suffering food poisoning blame food from their own refrigerators
  • 22% made no attempt to organise the refrigerators
  • 68% store raw meat alongside cooked meat in the fridge
  • 23% are not cleaning out the fridge regularly (defined as one cleaning every three months).

The findings suggest that it is too easy for us to not pay attention to what is in the refrigerator, thereby also making it easy to eat food that should have been discarded. Spoiled food and food products already past their expiration date could be a primary contributor to mild food poisoning issues. Furthermore, UK consumers could be suffering from food poisoning without ever knowing what is really causing them to feel ill. It is all part of improper food storage in refrigerators and freezers.

Commercial Controls in Place

Consumers are a lot less likely to experience food poisoning as a result of visiting a local restaurant. Why? Because strict controls are in place. Those controls have to do with things such as refrigeration temperatures, freezer temperatures, how various food items are stored, and how long food can remain on premises before it must be discarded. Commercial premises are routinely inspected to make sure they are in compliance.


We know first-hand how strict the regulations can be inasmuch as we have to deliver refrigerated trailers and walk-in cold rooms that are in compliance. We also have to maintain that equipment at all times. We know that restaurants and other commercial enterprises require strict temperature control and reliable equipment that will not open them to liability risks due to food poisoning.

If your restaurant or catering company is in need of temporary refrigeration for emergencies or scheduled events, we encourage you to call us at Icecool Trailers. We carry several different sizes of both trailers and walk-in rooms for refrigeration and freezing. We will deliver and set up your unit, connect it to your power source, and make sure everything is up and running properly. At the end of the lease, we will disassemble and take the unit away as well.


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