Research Could Improve Temporary Refrigeration Sector

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Research now being conducted by a global HVAC and refrigeration company holds quite a bit of promise for the commercial food service industry in the UK. However, they are not the only ones that stand to benefit. What Emerson Climate Technologies learns from their work could also prove helpful to the temporary refrigeration sector as well.

Emerson Climate Technologies is now in the midst of building five separate modules within a 40,000-ft² facility housed at the University of Dayton. Among those modules is a fully equipped commercial kitchen that will power a restaurant capable of serving up to 150 people at a time. The kitchen will be equipped with all of the latest technologies to control everything from heating to lighting to cold storage for food products.

The idea behind the research is to discover how commercial kitchens use energy and to what benefit. Of particular concern will be the temperature and humidity controls put in place to prevent food spoilage. The company aims to find better ways to provide on-site refrigeration using new refrigerants and equipment that are more efficient without compromising performance.


In order to make the most of the commercial kitchen module, Emerson Climate Technologies has created a team of industry experts capable of advising on nearly every aspect of kitchen operations. Their collective knowledge will be coupled with the company's research and development operations to improve the commercial kitchen environment as much as possible.

How does this help the temporary refrigeration sector? The answer can be found in one simple word: technology. Our business is based on the concept of providing the equipment that our customers need for long- or short-term temporary refrigeration. Nevertheless, we are limited to the technology currently available to us. If Emerson Climate Technologies' research leads to the development of newer and better technologies, we will be able to use those technologies to better serve our customers.

A Better Cold Chain


Taking a step back and looking at all five modules of the Emerson Climate Technologies project makes it abundantly clear that what they are working on goes well beyond just refrigeration for commercial kitchens. It also encompasses supermarket refrigeration, HVAC, residential cooling and refrigeration, and commercial lighting. Nonetheless, combining the data of all five modules will make for a better cold chain – in the temporary refrigeration sector and among the retail and enterprise customers that we serve.

Refrigeration technology has improved enough over the last several decades to make what we do more efficient and cost effective. We expect to see that trend continue in the future. Thanks to companies such as Emerson Climate Technologies, research and development is continually pushing refrigeration to be better.

Icecool Trailers will be keeping an eye on the Emerson Climate Technologies project over the next several years. We expect to see many new emerging innovations that could be put to good use for temporary refrigeration. Moreover, as Emerson Climate Technologies innovates, we will continue providing our customers in London, Bristol, and throughout England and southern Wales with reliable, temporary refrigeration at affordable prices.

We offer several sizes of trailers and walk-in rooms for both emergency and scheduled events. Customers within our London service area enjoy two-hour emergency service; outside of Greater London, we strive for same-day emergency service in most locations. Call Icecool Trailers for all of your temporary refrigeration needs.

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