Temporary Refrigeration Could Solve Waste Problems

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Recent estimates suggest that anywhere between 25% and 33% of the world's food supply is never eaten. Instead, it falls victim to waste of one sort or another. The causes of food waste are different in developed and undeveloped nations, so the solutions to the problem are as well. Temporary refrigeration could be part of the solution in some cases.

In the developed world, the majority of food waste occurs at the consumer level. Consumers have easy access to food at incredibly cheap prices, which leads them to not value the food they have on hand. When food is not valued, it is more easily disposed of. This is as true at home as well as when eating out at restaurants.

In the undeveloped world, it is just the opposite. Consumers have less access to food and higher prices to contend with. They are less likely to waste food at home. In most undeveloped countries, the majority of food waste occurs earlier on in the supply chain. Disease and bad weather damage crops while inadequate refrigeration leads to spoilage and eventual disposal.

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Food Waste in Your Business

There is little you can do to combat food waste on a global scale. However, you can take measures to reduce waste at the local level by making sure your business is being as efficient and conscientious as possible. Temporary refrigeration might be part of the equation for you. Here are couple of examples:

•Holiday Inventories – Restaurants and catering companies typically stock up on certain gourmet food items in preparation for holiday events. Temporary refrigeration provides the extra storage space a business owner needs while also letting him or her take advantage of better pricing for bulk purchase. There should be less food waste as well.

•Renovation Projects – Food service businesses may shut down for one or two weeks every year in order to allow for maintenance and space renovations. Temporary refrigeration allows for securely storing food items so that these do not have to be disposed of.

•Power Interruptions – A loss of power for an extended amount of time can easily lead to food waste. Having a working relationship with a temporary refrigeration provider such as Icecool Trailers allows the business easy access to emergency refrigeration in the event of such an outage.

Your business cannot afford food waste at any level. Icecool Trailers recommends business owners take the time to learn about temporary refrigeration and how this can be used to avoid losses from food waste.

How We Can Help

Icecool Trailers provides temporary refrigeration solutions by way of both trailers and walk-in rooms. We offer various sizes of refrigeration and freezer units to meet a full range of needs. Our trailers can be delivered to your location, parked, secured, and connected to your existing electrical supply or generator. Our walk-in rooms are delivered to your site as a series of panels that can be carried indoors prior to assembly.

Each of our temporary refrigeration units comes with complete shelving and lighting. We also maintain a 24-hour call out service to handle any maintenance issues you might have. As a client of Icecool Trailers, we want you to be able to rent temporary refrigeration from us with complete confidence.

There is no need for your company to be part of the food waste problem when you work with Icecool Trailers. We want to be your temporary refrigeration specialists in London, Bristol, Avon, Somerset, Berkshire, and throughout the UK.


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