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Refrigerated Trailers: Perfect for Refurbishment

Icecool Trailers - 30-Mar-2015
refrigeration trailer hire by Icecool Trailers

Imagine you are the owner of a London restaurant planning an important refurbishment project during the slower summer months. You have chosen the summertime because many of the city's residents leave in search of their holiday fun. Slower than normal business means fewer disruptions caused by the refurbishment. At the same time, you still need to keep your food at the right temperature if you plan to continue serving customers during the project. What you need is refrigerated trailers or freezer trailers, as your storage requirements dictate.

Restaurant owners are fully aware that health regulations require keeping various foods at or below certain temperatures. For example, some foods have to be kept frozen until just before they are ready to be thawed and cooked. Other cold foods must be maintained at a constant temperature prior to being served. A refurbishment project makes regulatory compliance more complicated with the additional need to keep food away from the construction zone.

A perfect solution for any refurbishment project is a trailer.

large refrigerated trailer for hire: Icecool Trailers
[One of our 3 metre refrigerated trailers]

Our trailers offer adequate cold storage space along with full lighting and shelving. We handle all setup and maintenance, leaving you to concentrate on your project and your business. There are no worries for you when you work with Icecool Trailers.

The best thing about trailer hire is that a unit can be placed anywhere on your property.

Freezer Trailers For Hire (2.4 M)

A 2.4M long freezer trailer available to hire from Icecool Trailers. Ideal as extra freezer storage for hotels, restaurants and outdoor caterers/ special events catering.

Our 2.4M freezer trailer is delivered to (and collected from) site for you by Icecool staff.

You may have space right outside the back door of your restaurant, complete with easy access to an electrical socket point. As long as the tow vehicle has enough room to access your location, a trailer can be put wherever you need it.

Not Just Restaurants

We have offered the example of a restaurant to show how refrigerated trailers and freezers can be beneficial for a refurbishment project. However, the equipment Icecool Trailers provides is not reserved for restaurants alone. Any business in need of refrigeration can benefit from our trailers. Take a school or other educational institution as an example.

Schools often take advantage of the summer months to renovate their kitchens as well. They will not be serving students during that time, so they are better off removing their food products from the building entirely. Nevertheless, it is a lot easier to bring in a few refrigerated trailers and freezers rather than trying to relocate the food to another building across town. Icecool Trailers would deliver as many trailers as necessary to get the school through their project.

Even medical facilities use our trailers for refurbishment projects. A refrigerated trailer from Icecool Trailers is the perfect solution to keep blood supplies, vaccines and other medical products cold throughout a refurbishment project. With an affordable trailer hire, there is no need to waste medical supplies just because offices are being refurbished.

The point is clear: refurbishment projects are the perfect venue for temporary cold storage solutions provided by Icecool Trailers. We offer freezer and refrigerated trailers as well as walk-in freezers and cold rooms throughout London, the Thames Valley and across most of England and South Wales. We would be happy to provide the equipment you need for your refurbishment.

fridge freezer trailer hire from Icecool of Berkshire