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Refrigerated Trailers Shouldn't Cause Health Problems

Icecool Trailers - 05-Aug-2015
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Straight from the files of odd and rare medical problems comes the story of an American woman who experienced seizures whenever she encountered a refrigerator or freezer. The woman, a mother of two from Indiana, never experienced any form of seizures until after the birth of her first child four years ago. However, as a new mother she began experiencing unexplained seizures every time her eyes came in contact with her refrigerator at home. As we explain the story in further detail, please understand that our refrigerated trailer rentals do not cause health problems like this. This woman's condition is rare indeed.

Brandy Gibson's first seizure appeared to be just an episode of unusual joy at the sight of a freezer. Although she was quite literally overcome, no one assumed there was anything wrong with her. That changed when the frequency of her episodes increased with the births of two additional children. It got to the stage that every time she looked at her refrigerator or freezer she would have a seizure, at times even blacking out.

This past January (2015) Gibson was admitted to a hospital for further testing because doctors could not figure out what was going on. She knew refrigerators were the problem, but she could not convince her doctors. While in the hospital, she proved her point by pulling out her mobile phone and bringing up a picture that caused her to begin seizure within minutes. Once doctors knew what they were dealing with, they were able to develop an effective treatment.

It turns out that quite a number of epilepsy patients can trigger seizures by exposing themselves to certain stimuli. Doctors will try to figure out triggers by shining lights into the eyes or playing particular kinds of sounds or music. In Gibson's case, her brain recognised some sort of visual pattern every time she looked at a refrigerator or freezer, instigating an epileptic episode. She has been cured through surgery that removed a small portion of the brain affected by the condition.

Not an Equipment Problem

One of the points we want to make here is that Gibson's reaction, however troubling it was, was not actually related to the design or function of refrigerators and freezers. It was a problem of how her brain processed visual information. There was nothing inherently dangerous about refrigeration appliances, and nothing about the equipment itself that was triggering the seizures.

Refrigerated trailers and freezer trailers are safe to use for any type of temporary or emergency cold storage. The same applies for the walk-in cold rooms and freezers Icecool Trailers provide. All of our equipment is maintained to the highest standards and regularly inspected to make sure all is in good working order. You can trust our equipment to be both safe and reliable.

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