Refrigerated Trailer Rental: for When It Fails

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Refrigerated Trailer Rental: for When It Fails

A Tayside woman with an old Kelvinator fridge may have the distinction of owning the oldest such household appliance in the UK. Her refrigerator has been running strong for 60 years now. The 84-year-old woman did not own the appliance when it was first purchased in 1955; it belonged to her mother-in-law when she and her husband first moved in together after marriage.

Will the refrigerator ever fail? No one knows. However, the fact that it could is the primary reason companies such as Icecool Trailers exist.

We do not provide residential service to help in the event a kitchen appliance fails. Nevertheless, we do provide emergency refrigerated trailer rental for businesses, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions facing equipment failures or other problems. And make no mistake; failures do occur all the time. It is rare to have a residential or commercial refrigerator that goes for 60 years without needing repair or replacement.


No Time to Fail

If the 60-year-old Kelvinator in Tayside failed today, its owner could buy a few bags of ice to hold her over until a replacement refrigerator arrived that afternoon or the next day. Nonetheless, what does a catering company do if their commercial walk-in cold room stops working the day before an important event? Ice is out of the question.

What happens if a refrigerator or freezer at a local school is damaged during an expansion project? There may not be enough time or space to transfer the contents of the damaged unit to another school. What needs to be understood about commercial refrigeration is twofold:

commercial refrigerators and freezers are not immune to failure; and

failures can result in a significant financial loss if stored products are not properly cared for.

Icecool Trailers are experts in providing emergency refrigeration and freezer capacity throughout South Wales, the Thames Valley, the Greater London area, and most of south-central England. We are available with just one phone call. Whatever you need – be it trailers, walk-in rooms or a combination of both – we can get you up and running very quickly. In fact, we pride ourselves on our two-hour service within the Greater London area.

We also pride ourselves on providing unparalleled service and maintenance. You can rent one of our refrigerated trailers or walk-in rooms for as long as you need it and never have to worry about maintaining the unit. We maintain our equipment using our staff of in-house technicians.

What do we need to provide you with emergency refrigerated trailer rental? A place to park the trailer and access to an existing electrical connection. In cases where electric service is not available, we can connect our trailer to a standard diesel or petrol generator. Please be sure to let us know your needs when you call.

Refrigeration equipment does fail from time to time. Do not wait until you are facing a failure before making a plan. Instead, contact us at Icecool Trailers to find out about our equipment and service. Then you will be ready to spring into action should your permanent refrigeration fail.


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