Refrigerant Prices Affect Trailer Rental

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There is little doubt that F-gas regulations will drastically change both commercial and residential refrigeration for decades to come. As Europe moves to abolish the use of certain chemical refrigerants that negatively affect the atmosphere, new refrigerants will have to rise to take their place. All of this will have an effect on refrigerated trailer rental although the impact on our industry will not be nearly as significant as other industries.

A recent report published in RAC Magazine suggests the price of some refrigerants will rise 10 to 20 times as producers begin phasing them out. These refrigerants will be produced in lower volumes as deadlines for their total abolishment draws nearer. Those in the industry who wait until the last minute to start working with alternative refrigerants could find themselves paying a fairly sizeable bill to keep using the old refrigerants.

HEVAC president Graham Wright told RAC: β€œIn my nearly 30-year career, I have seen the move from R22 to R407 to R410 to R32, and it is clear that the goalposts in Europe are going to keep moving. What always surprises me though is why the industry always waits to [sic] the last minute to do anything about it.”

What It Means to Us

Icecool Trailers is subject to the new regulations just as any other company involved in refrigeration. However, the impact on our refrigerated trailer rental will be more indirect than direct. In other words, we will continue purchasing and leasing the same high-quality equipment that we have come to be known for in 20+ years of business. We have no plans to stop investing in quality equipment just because refrigerants change.

It will cost us more for replacement refrigerants when some of our equipment needs upgrading or repair. However, our model of renting equipment allows us to spread the cost of more expensive refrigerants across our entire business model, thereby mitigating much of the shock at the retail level.

In the long run, abandoning the old refrigerants in favour of newer replacements will benefit all of us. New refrigerants will mean our refrigerated trailer rental service is more in line with environmentally friendly policies and the UK's sustainability goals. It will mean less environmental impact should one of our pieces of equipment fail. It is reasonable to expect Icecool Trailers and all of our competitors to participate in reducing the use of greenhouse gases by switching to new refrigerants as soon as possible.


What It Means to You

What does all this mean to you, as an Icecool Trailers customer? Very little in a practical sense. You will still be given access to the refrigerated trailers and walk-in freezers you need, when you need them. You will still have access to two-hour emergency service within the Greater London area. You will still be able to get reliable equipment with a 24 call-out service that maintains that equipment around the clock.

Icecool Trailers continuously strive to be on the cutting edge of the industry – in terms of technology, best practices, and the environment. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service without compromising our social responsibilities. If you are looking for refrigerated trailer hire from a company that honours its commitments to customers and the public, we invite you to contact us. We are your portable cold storage provider of choice in London, England, and South Wales.


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