Planning for Christmas: Trailer or Cold Room Hire?

Christmas Cold Storage

With the arrival of November comes the need to begin Christmas planning in earnest. If you run a restaurant, banquet hall, catering business, hotel or any other business that will see an influx of Christmas-related dining, now is the time to start putting in place those things you need to keep your customers happy. Temporary cold storage might be one of those things.

Assuming you have space for either option, you need to consider both trailer and cold room hire. There are pros and cons to both. Right off the bat though, don't think of trailers and cold rooms as an alternative to refrigerated van hire. Neither is an alternative because both are superior to refrigerated vans.

Already Scheduled Events

The first thing to look at is your calendar. What events are already scheduled, and what will be your needs to pull off those events? This is the time of year when large parties are the norm. So if you have a number of such big events already on the schedule, you may need significant temporary cold storage to accommodate them. Does one trailer or cold room seem to be enough?

Anticipated Crowds

Next, take a look at the anticipated crowds above and beyond already scheduled events. You can look at past years to get a good handle on what you might see for 2017. Hopefully, you will draw more people this year than you did last, which might mean getting two trailers or cold rooms instead of just one.

Along with the anticipated crowds is the point at which they start to build. Pre-scheduled events tend to be evenly spaced from late November through until the first part of January. For the rest of your Christmas rush though, it tends to build the closer you get to the festive period. You may need more trailer or cold room space during the second half of the month than you did in the first.

Scheduled Purchase Orders

You undoubtedly manage your purchase orders based on scheduled events and anticipated crowds. That may mean you store a much larger volume of foodstuffs at certain times through the remainder of the year. Indeed, that's the whole reason you're looking at trailer and cold room hire. What you want to know in this regard is when your supplies will arrive and how long you have to keep them fresh.

Accessibility Issues

Finally, you must plan for accessibility. Depending on how your establishment is laid out, you may find that bringing in a trailer just makes things harder to do. Having a cold room inside your building could give you faster, easier access to your food inventory.

The 2017 festive season is here for planning purposes. Christmas may still be weeks away, but it's wise to get your trailer or cold room hire in place now. We invite you to contact Icecool Trailers right now to schedule your unit. Get your plans in place before you find yourself out of time.