Planning for a Walk-In Chiller Makes for Better Business

Picture of Refrigeration Planning

We are big advocates of planning here at Icecool Trailers. We subscribe to the adage that 'failing to plan is planning to fail'. So much so that we believe advance planning for walk-in chiller hire makes for better business.

We understand there are certain industries that rely on our walk-in chillers on a seasonal basis. We know this because we have plenty of return customers who we are happy to work with every year. Some of them are caterers, others are hotels and restaurants. The point is that they know they will need walk-in chiller hire well before the time actually comes.

Planning makes for better business by preparing both Icecool Trailers and the customer well in advance of the need. We can illustrate how through the simple example of Christmas turkeys.

Christmas Is Turkey Season

Preparing for heavy demand in December begins on most turkey farms in June. The young birds arrive to farms where they will be well fed and taken care of. By the time November arrives, farmers are beginning to make plans to harvest their birds.

To produce a quality turkey fitting of Christmas dinner, the harvested bird is plucked and hung for up to a week prior to finishing. This is where the walk-in chiller becomes critical. Harvested birds have to be temperature-controlled so they don't spoil between the time of harvest and being cooked.

Turkey producers do not need a lot of walk-in chiller space between January and October. But by November, a lot of them are clamouring for that extra cold storage that will protect their birds. A farmer who waits until the last week of October to think about arranging for chiller hire could find himself in a world of hurt.

Planning Helps Both You and Us

Getting back to the idea of how planning makes for better business, consider both what we and our customers go through during seasonal fluxes. Planning ahead of time means contacting us and letting us know you are going to need a chiller on such and such a date and for an X amount of time. We can note that to ensure there is a unit available when you need it.

We benefit through better scheduling of our walk-in-chillers and trailers. You benefit by knowing you'll have a unit ready to go when you need it. You will not have to worry about it. Furthermore, you will be able to plan your inventory based on the amount of temporary cold storage space you will be renting. Better planning of inventory can reduce your costs and prevent spoilage.

Just in case you're thinking that a refrigerated van would work just as well, we beg to differ. There may be certain times when vans are better than walk-in cold rooms and freezers, but for the kinds of activities we're talking about in this post, the difference between refrigerated van hire and a walk-in chiller is profound. Walk-in chiller hire is easily the better option.