Penguin Housing: One Way to Use Fridge Trailer Hire

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One of the things we try to do at Icecool Trailers is explain the versatility of fridge trailer hire. There are so many uses for our refrigerated trailers and freezers that it's hard to do justice to them all. Still, we want to highlight one of the most unusual fridge trailer hire stories we've ever heard. We cannot take credit for it though.

Some 25 years ago, Warner Bros. released Batman Returns, a Tim Burton and Michael Keaton film that forever changed the direction of the cinematic portion of the franchise. In that film, the legendary Danny DeVito played the Penguin. He was accompanied in a number of his scenes by real king penguins loaned to the film studio by an English bird sanctuary located in the Cotswolds.

As the story goes, Burton would only be satisfied with king penguins. He ran into a problem inasmuch as the only such birds in captivity were here in England. So he convinced the bird sanctuary to loan him the birds with the understanding that they would be well taken care of. And they were.

The production team flew the Penguins to California and housed them in a refrigerated trailer for the duration of filming. Inside the refrigerated trailer they had their own swimming pool along with a half-tonne of fresh ice and fresh fish delivered daily. Despite temperatures in excess of 37°C, the penguins were kept at a cool 1.5°C during their time in Hollywood.

Refrigerated Trailers Have Their Advantages

The Batman Returns production team could have housed the penguins in other ways. But compared to refrigerated van hire or a portable, walk-in cold room, the trailer seemed to be the best possible option. Indeed, trailers do have their advantages.

A refrigerated trailer can be deployed virtually anywhere there is ample space and a power supply. Even if mains power is unavailable, one of our trailers can be connected to an independent generator. Trailers also require less work to transport, install, and remove compared to walk-in rooms. And unlike refrigerated van hire, renting a trailer doesn't require renting an entire vehicle with four tyres, an engine, and costly fuel.

This particular case was perfect for refrigerated trailer hire because the trailer could be parked wherever the film crew needed it to be. It could be moved around if necessary, and returning it at the end of the film shoot was as simple as cleaning it out and calling the leasing company to come pick it up. It was perhaps the easiest and most hassle-free way to take care of the penguins.

As you can see, refrigerated trailers are incredibly versatile. They are ideal for temporary cold storage in just about any situation. Here at Icecool Trailers, we are thrilled to be able to offer refrigerated and freezer trailers throughout the Greater London area and beyond. We are here to serve you, whether you are housing penguins or doing something else more conventional.


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