New Standards for Refrigerated Trailer Hire

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Refrigerated Trailer Hire: New Standards

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has issued a new consultation regarding leak-checking standards for refrigeration systems in light of stiffer F-Gas regulations for 2015. The consultation suggests that as many as 425,000 new refrigeration systems will have to undergo changes in their leak checking regimes. Furthermore, equipment owners will be required to set up a system for monitoring potential leaks in the future.

RAC Magazine's Andrew Gaved expects the regulations to lead to as many as 35,000 small devices being subjected to mandatory leak checks. He expects an additional 15,000 large systems to be subjected to automatic leak checking and an additional 60,000 refrigerated trucks and trailers to be added to the list of equipment covered under the new rules. Individuals may respond to the consultation through until 20th January (2015).

Industry Affect

What will the stiffer rules mean to the portable refrigeration industry? Not much for companies that already employ some sort of leak checking scheme for their equipment. Those that do not will have to find out how the rules affect them and their equipment, making appropriate changes as necessary.

We do agree with Gaved's assertion that the stiffer rules will lead to a rise in the number of companies specialising in leak detection and repair. Existing cooling companies may also choose to incorporate scheduled leak checking into the list of services already offered. It all comes down to meeting a need created by the F-Gas regulations.

The regulations have been put in place as part of a larger strategy to reduce greenhouse gases and the environmental damage caused by refrigerants that are not controlled. Imposition of rules may be inconvenient and add to operating costs, but they will prove well worth it in the long run.

Adapting and Moving Forward

Our philosophy here at Icecool Trailers is one of adapting and moving forward. We have known for a long time that the F-Gas regulations would be strengthened for 2015 and that these would apply to our refrigerated trailers and walk-in rooms. The regulations will not prevent us from continuing to offer refrigerated trailer hire throughout most of England and Wales.


Our main priority in light of the regulations is to make sure we maintain our equipment in top condition. As long as we concentrate on doing that, we will be able to offer the same level of service our customers have come to expect. That service includes multiple sizes of refrigerated trailers, freezer trailers, and walk-in cold rooms and freezers.

Icecool Trailers has been providing portable cold storage throughout the Greater London area, the Thames Valley, and beyond for more than 20 years. Our refrigerated and freezer trailers are the perfect option for portable cold storage in outdoor environments such as festivals, weddings, and corporate catered events. Our walk-in freezers and cold rooms are more appropriate when interior cold storage is required.


Regardless of your needs, we can provide the walk-in room or refrigerated trailer hire you are looking for. We deliver and set up all our units, complete with shelving and lighting, and handle any maintenance issues that may arise during the term of your rental. Please contact us for your planned event or refrigeration emergency.


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