Needle-Free Vaccinations Could Reduce Chiller Hire

walk-in chiller for medical use
Your local hospital most likely has a walk-in coolerin which vaccinations are stored. Indeed, a number of very common vaccines require cold storage due to their relative instability. Without it, we would not be able to produce vaccines on a large enough scale to make it cost-effective. Thankfully, manufacturers are not resting on their laurels. They are working on needle-free vaccinations that would not necessarily need refrigeration. That could change the way the medical community views chiller hire.
At the current time, cold storage is an issue whenever a medical facility decides to take vaccination programmes out of the hospital or clinic and into local areas. It is not uncommon for us to provide chiller hire to medical facilities doing just that. However, what if those same vaccinations now requiring cold storage could be altered so that temperature was not a concern? A number of pharmaceutical companies are already working on that goal.

According to Frost & Sullivan, there are now some pharmaceuticals working on different vaccination methods including dry patches, quick dissolve tablets, degradable implants, and inhalers. In each of these cases, the need for cold storage would be eliminated because the vaccine would be delivered in a more stable state. Tablets and implants would use dry vaccine compounds while patches and inhalers, by the composition of their respective delivery devices, would preserve the integrity of the vaccine long enough for it to be administered.

The Frost & Sullivan report suggests that the needle-free sector only commands a small portion of the market right now. They expect advancements in vaccine preparation and delivery to make bold steps in the coming decades. Perhaps in another 20 to 30 years the days of receiving a vaccine by needle will be long gone.

In the meantime, Icecool Trailers will continue to offer medical chiller hire for various clinics and medical offices across many parts of England. We know it is vitally important to provide adequate cold storage when medical facilities take their vaccination programmes to local neighbourhoods. We also know how important it is to have back up capabilities in case something goes wrong back at the main office. That is why we offer same-day chiller hirefor emergency purposes.

Walk-In Chillers: Different Styles and Sizes

Contacting Icecool Trailers puts a customer in contact with an experienced cold storage specialist who can help determine the best products for individual needs. We carry different sizes of both refrigerated and freezer trailers as well as walk-in cold roomsand freezers. Our trailers are delivered to your site and set up wherever space allows, connecting directly to your existing electrical supply or being run from an external generator. Walk-in cold rooms are delivered as a series of panels that are carried in and assembled on site.

Icecool Trailers is proud to offer emergency and planned portable cold storage solutions in London, Berkshire, the Thames Valley, and beyond. Whether you need same-day medical chiller hire in Bristol, or a couple of trailers for a planned outdoor festival in Somerset, we have the right equipment for you.