Incident Demonstrates Need for Compliant Refrigeration

Food hygiene ratings: compliant refrigeration in catering trades

London Incident Demonstrates Need for Compliant Refrigeration

When couples plan their weddings, the comfort and enjoyment of the guests are top priorities. So imagine the surprise of one bride and groom who, last year, discovered nearly all of their 470 guests suffered from food poisoning as a result of eating a catered meal provided by a London food service company. The troubling story clearly illustrates the need for compliant refrigeration among companies involved in food service preparation and catering.

Get West London reported on the story in November, after Ealing Magistrates Court sentenced the catering company’s owner. According to reports, the original problem dates back to September 2013. The company, known at the time as The Royal Club, provided catering to the couple and their guests. However, rice contaminated with E. coli bacteria made nearly all of them sick.

Authorities were contacted when nearly 100 of the guests were found willing to make an official report. An investigation revealed numerous health and food service violations at the catering company's headquarters in Ealing. Not only did The Royal Club employ only one worker with food service safety training, they also had no refrigerated vehicles for food transportation nor refrigerated trailers on-site. Even if food had not been contaminated in the kitchen, the company had no means of preventing spoilage during the event.

As a result of the incident and the discovered violations, the company's owner was fined more than £20,000 and ordered to not manage or direct any company for at least five years. The Royal Club has since changed hands. It is now being operated by a new enterprise employing only staff that are properly trained and qualified. The new company has also met all the requirements of safety and health regulations.

Public Safety Issue

We are relieved to know that none of those who were sickened in this incident was seriously harmed. Things could have been much more serious. Furthermore, the story provides us an excellent opportunity to remind caterers and other food service companies of the need for compliant refrigeration, both in the kitchen and on-site for events. Food spoilage is a real concern that could have potentially devastating consequences. Do not take that risk.

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