MPs: Remanufacturing is More Carbon Friendly

walk in cold rooms and freezers

Everything from medical refrigeration to walk-in freezer hire could be made more carbon friendly through adoption of a remanufacturing mindset, if a new report from two groups of MPs is accurate. The report, recently released by the All-Party Remanufacturing and All-Party Sustainable Resources groups, suggest that remanufacturing on an industry-wide scale could reduce carbon output and keep still-usable materials out of landfills.

The report also says that a remanufacturing model would result in new employment in several areas. Remanufacturing would require extracting usable components from old equipment, followed by rebuilding those components to like-new condition with full warranties included. Highly trained technicians would be needed during every stage of the process.

Such a model would be ideal for the types of equipment we rent out at Icecool Trailers. Portable refrigeration units often have components with plenty of life in them even after a single unit, as a whole, reaches its end-of-life. The authors of the report do not necessarily disagree, but they focused most of their discussion on refrigerated display cabinets used in retail settings.

Remanufacturing vs Refurbishment

The authors were sure to point out the difference between remanufacturing and refurbishment, knowing that refurbishing old equipment may mean nothing more than removing rust and adding a new coat of paint. Remanufacturing involves a complete overhaul of equipment in order to return it to a like-new condition. It is a principle that can be applied to display cabinets, refrigerated trailers, and walk-in freezers.

The carbon friendly aspects come into play by way of using the remanufacturing process to make units more energy-efficient and less polluting. This is certainly something that could be accomplished through new manufacturing, but remanufacturing old equipment could achieve savings of 20% according to the report. Further benefits would be realised by keeping old equipment out of landfills.

Keep Moving Forward

It remains to be seen what kind of reception the MP's report will get within of the refrigeration industry. As we await the reaction of industry executives and refrigeration experts, Icecool Trailers will concentrate on continuing to move forward as we always have. We are committed to providing our clients with reliable and affordable temporary refrigeration for planned events and emergency needs.

We utilise only top-of-the-line equipment maintained to our high standards by an in-house staff of technicians. Our commitment to equipment maintenance means you will not have to worry about the trailer or walk-in room you rent from us. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, we maintain a 24-hour call-out service that will either replace your unit or have a technician on-site to service it as quickly as possible.




Icecool Trailers is proud to offer you the walk-in freezer or cold room you need to handle business expansion or remodelling. We are standing by with freezer and refrigerated trailers capable of providing the exterior cold storage you need for your catered event. Regardless of the size or scope of your temporary refrigeration needs, we have the equipment and knowledge to serve you. Icecool Trailers serves most of England and South Wales, including the Thames Valley, Bath, Avon, Somerset, and Greater London.


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