Is Energy-Free Refrigerated Trailer Rental A Reality?

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One of the holy grails of science is to create engineering solutions capable of doing a specific form of work without having to use any energy. According to the laws of physics, such prospects are impossible to achieve. However, that has not stopped scientists looking for a way to provide ambient cooling without the need for electrical energy. It is in this light that we ask whether or not energy-free refrigerated trailer rental will ever be reality.

Refrigerated trailers from Icecool Trailers can be powered by the customer’s existing electrical system or a diesel generator. However, it would make our lives so much easier if it were possible to achieve refrigeration without the need for either one. That might eventually be a possibility, at least in theory.

Scientists at America's Stanford University have created a revolutionary material that allows infrared energy to escape into the atmosphere without any additional energy being absorbed from the sun. Their material is aimed right now at the environmental cooling of buildings and other structures, but it may prove adaptable for all sorts of refrigeration equipment. The science behind the material is fascinating as well.

How It Works

Science has long known that heat escapes earth-based objects by releasing energy in various infrared wavelengths. This energy is able to escape the atmosphere because it is 'transparent' to these wavelengths. Stanford researchers have taken advantage of this phenomenon to create a film that selectively filters the desired energy wavelengths in order to allow heat to escape.

Think of it in terms of a fishing net. Nets are constructed in various sizes depending on the type of fish they are to be used with. Nets with larger holes are not appropriate for smaller fish that can easily escape them. By using nets of various sizes, fishermen can selectively choose which fish to take and which to leave. Stanford's cooling film works the same way.

Adaptation to Refrigeration

If scientists were able to make the technology work for cooling buildings, the next step would be to adapt it for refrigeration purposes. Perhaps that means we will one day see refrigerated trailers covered on the sides with special insulating material and a roof made of the new infrared heat escape film. Cold objects could be stored in trailers without the need for external energy, simply by allowing existing heat to escape while preventing new heat from building up.

The technology is still a long way off before it is ready to be used on buildings, let alone adapted for refrigerated trailer rental. Nevertheless, who knows what the future will bring? In the meantime, Icecool Trailers will continue servicing customers in London and throughout most of England and Wales. We provide refrigerated trailer rental, freezers, and walk in cold rooms throughout Berkshire, the Thames Valley, Birmingham, and South Wales. Feel free to contact us for both your emergency refrigeration needs and planned events.

For more than 20 years, Icecool Trailers has been the portable refrigeration specialists serving the Greater London area and beyond. We would be more than happy to assist you with walk-in cold room or refrigerated trailer rental.


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