Is Buying a Used Freezer Trailer Better than Renting?

Picture of Freezer Trailers

You can go online and find a variety of used freezer trailers for sale. The same goes for refrigerated trailers. Used equipment is sold by rental companies, dealers, and others looking to dispose of unwanted stock. The question for you is this: is buying a used freezer trailer better than renting?

We cannot definitively say one way or the other. It really depends on your needs and budget. However, we can say there are definite advantages to renting freezer trailers, fridge trailers, and walk-in cold rooms from Icecool Trailers. Below are just some of those benefits.

1. Maintenance and Upkeep

A big part of our business model is making sure all of our units are maintained in good working order. The last thing we want is for a trailer or walk-in cold room to break down while in service. That is not good for the customer, and it certainly requires more work on our end. Thus, we make a point of keeping our units in tip-top shape.

What does this mean to you? It means there are no worries about maintenance and upkeep during your rental term. We handle all of it. Your only job is to do whatever it is you do to run your own business. Leave the freezer and refrigerator issues to us.

2. No Long-Term Commitments

Buying a used freezer trailer means buying a long-term commitment. You are putting money into a piece of equipment that you expect to have around for a long time. With that time commitment comes a financial commitment as well. Renting is just the opposite.

We do not lock customers into long-term contracts. We rent for the short- or long-term as each customer needs. If you only need a freezer trailer for a couple of days, that's good enough for us. If you are looking at a two- or three-month rental, that's fine too.

3. Just the Right Capacity

Another thing to consider is your need for cold storage capacity. Is a single freezer trailer enough to truly meet your needs? If not, that means purchasing a second unit or renting one on top of the one you buy. If a single used freezer trailer is more than you need, you will be wasting money cooling interior space that isn't being utilised.

Renting a freezer trailer from Icecool Trailers means getting just the capacity you need for just as long as you need it. We have multiple sizes of both trailers and walk-in rooms to address a variety of cold storage scenarios.

We have given you just three benefits of renting from us rather than buying used equipment. If you would like to know more about our trailers and walk-in rooms, do not hesitate to call and speak with one of our rental specialists. We can get you hooked up with just the right unit regardless of your location throughout most of southern England and portions of South Wales. And just for the record, our trailers beat refrigerated van hire hands down.