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IOR Programme To Promote Refrigerated Trailer Rental

Icecool Trailers - 03-Nov-2014
Institute of Refrigeration UK

The Institute of Refrigeration (IOR) recently hosted a get-together with students in Birmingham as a means of introducing the young people to careers in refrigeration. The organisation also wanted to give a voice to any of the students who might want to share their thoughts, questions, and aspirations. We are interested to know whether the IOR programme will promote interest in refrigerated trailer rental.

We ask the question tongue-in-cheek, of course. Nonetheless, refrigerated trailer rental provides an excellent business model for young people wanting to start their own companies or take a job with an established, dynamic company such as Icecool Trailers. Yet many of them do not understand what portable refrigeration is all about.

Typical refrigeration careers involve things such as air conditioning, HVAC, and industrial refrigeration for large-scale food and medical needs. The kind of refrigeration we deal with is no different except for the economics of scale. In other words, portable refrigeration deals with keeping things cool on a small scale. Industrial refrigeration does the same thing but on a larger scale. Otherwise, the two are virtually identical.

A company such as ours requires skilled refrigeration technicians capable of making sure our equipment is always up and running. It requires knowledgeable customer representatives who understand the ins and outs of portable refrigeration in a modern environment. In addition, it requires a dedicated sales force, office workers, and management.

Refrigeration for Any Need

Mobile Cold Rooms For Hire (1.8 M)

Our 1.8m mobile cold room is ideal for the catering trades where extra cold storage is required, or as temporary cold storage during a refrigeration breakdown. It has an approximate internal cubic capacity of 5 cu metres.

Freezer Trailers For Hire (3 M)

The largest of our freezer trailers, the 3.0m is popular with caterers, hotels and restaurants. Especially useful where a freezer breakdown has occurred or where extra frozen food storage is required.

We believe there is a lot to love about what we do. Icecool Trailers is the company specialising in refrigerated trailer rental. However, we do more than that. We offer several different sizes and types of temporary, portable cold storage by way of trailers and walk-in rooms. We are proud to say that we provide solutions for just about any need.

Here are just a few examples:

• Company Expansion – We have provided temporary, walk-in cooler service to medical facilities undergoing expansion projects. The solutions we provided allowed engineers to disassemble and relocate permanent refrigeration units without compromising the safety of stored specimens.

• Catering Needs – One of our biggest draws is the catering sector. Our refrigerated and freezer trailers make it possible for caterers to put on lavish events virtually anywhere. We only need a space to park the trailers and access to either an existing electrical system or diesel generator.

• Emergencies – Of course, no company would be complete without providing emergency service with fast, reliable delivery. That is exactly what we do at Icecool Trailers. Whether a customer is experiencing an equipment failure, a loss of power, or any other emergency circumstance, we arrive quickly with a fridge or freezer trailer or portable walk-in room to meet the need.

The portable cold storage business is a great one to be involved in. For more than 20 years, Icecool Trailers have been proud to serve the Greater London area. We provide emergency and same-day service throughout Berkshire, the Thames Valley, Oxfordshire, and beyond as well. If you are in need of refrigerated trailer rental or a walk-in freezer or cold room, please contact us right away. If you are a young person thinking of a career in refrigeration, portable cold storage is a great choice. Our industry offers everything you could want in a refrigeration career.


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